Sunday, August 23, 2009

Climate Change Hypocrites Living Large, Spewing Carbon Big-Time

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ht: NNW

If everyone in the world would or could generate the massive carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions this crowd does as they jet in and out of Bali, Copenhagen, Bonn, Barcelona, Bangkok, Paris, Vienna, Valencia, Sydney, Rio De Janeiro, Washington, New York, Montreal, Anchorage and on and on, the Hollywood disaster flick The Day After Tomorrow would have been a documentary.

That is, if you believe the hysteria these same people incessantly spout about how the world will rapidly come to an end in an Armageddon of weather extremes, unless everyone massively reduces their carbon footprint and leads simpler lives ... except them.

The next orgy of UN-inspired carbon-emitting will come in Copenhagen from Dec. 7-18, ostensibly aimed at developing a successor agreement to the Kyoto accord, when an estimated 12,000 to 15,000 UN hangers-on will descend upon Denmark's capital, once again making airline reservations, five-star hotel rooms and rented SUVs an endangered species.


The last refuge of these scoundrels is that they buy "carbon offsets" to reduce their carbon footprint to zero, a claim so absurd to anyone who understands the science of global warming, it's beyond laughable.

Who amongst us is being fooled?

The lazy-minded who can't be bothered to think for themselves.

That's who the con artists and snake-oil peddlers are counting on to make them billions of bucks for nothing.

Let's tell the Big Liars to P.F.O. Like feck they'll tell us how to live, how not to live, whilst themselves living it up on our dimes!