Monday, August 10, 2009

America-Loathing Idiot Obama Revising History

Obama claims the US didn't win the Cold War

How could he say this?

Delusion. Denial. Mental disorder. And... he's a friggin' Commie!!!

He wants to disarm the US (yes, he does... he literally said so, very clearly... watch his eyes go side to side as he utters his treasonous drivel, indicating he's reading out loud what he was told to say), to do the opposite of what Ronald Reagan did, the opposite of what kept America and the Free World safe from tyranny and oppression, and the opposite of that which protected our freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!

He doesn't want to call the evil Russia "evil". (Oh, hi again, "Crazy Ivan". How's the evilness comin' along lately?).
He wants to pretend that there's no evil out there, that people are just mad at the US for being mean-spirited or something, and that apologizing for everything and dismantling America's defensive abilities, declawing the kitty, will make the whole, newly-utopian-Gaia world hold hands, go all ring-around-the-Rosie-O'Donnel and sing Kumbaya and all that nonsense. What a loony-fringer, a crank, a conspiracy theorist, a liar, a teabagger, an Astroturfer, a birther... Yeah, that'll make folks realize they shouldn't take him seriously- just call him silly names; it seems to work when the Big Media, the Obamites and even some brainfarting, prominent conservative intellectuals do it to folks who simply want to see real proof (the real birth certificate which he refuses to let anyone see) that the guy was born in America (as the Constitution absolutely requires of everyone in order for them to legally be President of the US), doesn't it!

ObamaHate.gif image by 007access

How can anyone seriously think/say Obama doesn't hate America, that he's not a danger to America?

How can anyone be as stupid as Obama? Of course. They're "Progressives", too. They're all on the same side, and they'll say the most outrageous things that prove them a danger to America from within.