Saturday, September 27, 2008

What Needs Our Money

This needs our money. Situations like this cry out for funding to deal with the dangerous problems. In this case, we can't have organized criminal gangs taking over our airports. For if they succeed with airports, they'll move laterally to take over everything else, pretty much like the Left already has. And the Left will let them take their place. Let's boost security/law enforcement funding and funding for incarceration to prevent scumbag baddies from roaming free to do it all over again.


The "arts" don't need our money. The far-left, Liberal-boosting CBC doesn't need our $1.1 billion a year.

The "Court Challenges Program" (CCP), which the Liberals promise not only to reestablish, but to double (or is it triple) the funding therfor, is actually a clever, stealthy mechanism for the Far Left to have allegedly regular folks with allegedly legitimate grievances take ultra-far-left-wing matters to the courts... on our dime. Far-Left activist judges hear the "cases" and the end result is things like the imposed redefinition of marriage and maybe eventually Sharia Law, which we saw happen in Britain already (wait for it- the public stonings, floggings, hangings, beheadings, for little misdemeanors). This doesn't beg our funding at all. Extremists who want to transform society can do so either out of their own pockets or out of the pockets of donors or wealthy Left-wingers with an agenda to impose their own private beliefs on Canada and Canadians. Don't let the Liberals start this crap all over again! Personally, I wish we had an "ideal world" in which it were possible to outlaw the Far Left and outlaw affiliation therewith!

There's literally billions and billions of tax dollars being wasted on things the Far Left wanted and got from the Liberals when they ruled (may they never rule again!). Let's take those billions and apply them were they're needed. Why not; Canadians are, according to polls, in a consensus that we need what we need and don't need what we don't need.

We must better communicate the imperatives to the public. People must be presented with the stark choices as to what to do with the limited amount of tax dollars available for investment. When they see that things like the CBC and the CCP (funny how that has the same acronym as the Chinese Communist Party!!!) for what they really are, Far-Left crap, they'll vote for the party they think will abolish such expensively wasteful extremist make-work/social-reengineering centers. They'll then demand that what badly requires funding, in order to protect, for example, their right to security and safety of the person, be fully funded instead.

Add your indications of what really needs our money... in the comments, if you wish.

Oh, and any additional health care financing increases must be, by law, untouchable by greedy unions striking to have these additional funds added to their paychecks. The money is needed to train and hire thousands of doctors, especially specialists who can quickly, properly diagnose and prescribe treatment (which is supposed to be available quickly but usually isn't, thanks to Leftist-style rationing). Might as well build new hospitals where warranted. They don't have to be full-sized hospitals, necessarily, but could be specialist hospitals for high-demand treatments for which people are waiting too long. We could also expand the emergency rooms to alleviate the inhumane gridlock therein. Whatever it takes to make it all work, we must do, notwithstanding the "Canada Health Act", an obsolete document created for purely political purposes, which isn't really helping us get medical assistance very well.

The Far Left wants billions and billions for what they want. They don't care about what everyone needs most of all; they care mostly about their own personal comfort and ideology and could care less about society as a whole. So don't listen to the selfish, entitlist Left-wing whiners whose interests lie with only themselves.

Redirect our tax dollars to things that require it, like national defence and security, health care, law enforcement, etc., not things that leftists just want.

If there's any "hidden agenda" on our part, it's to do the right thing, the very thing that the average person knows has to be done, and indicates so in properly-asked polls. On the other hand, the Leftist parties' hidden agenda is to do all the wrong things to please their radically extreme supporters.