Saturday, September 20, 2008

MSM Demonstrates Ignorance of Truth About Liberal Fascist Richard Warman

The Master Bullshitter: Liberal Fascist Richard Warman. Screw you, Warman!

A guillible, easily-duped journalist at the Globe and Mail is taken to task for his failure to do his homework on the reprehensible Richard Warman, who takes peoples' rights away for profit.

Story here. Follow the links and read all comments.

Don't be surprised if the dummy in the picture moves to sue everyone of us who dared to make justifiable, if negative, comments about the hateful left-wing extremist bigot Richard Warman.

Suing everyone for truthfully, legally, rightly criticizing your actual, proven behavior would be like Hitler suing people for calling him a tyrant and murderer. It just won't work, but let him try in vain (and Warman is incredibly vain, no doubt). Screw him. He belongs in jail.

People like Richard Warman disgust me. He's so hateful, yet he falsely accuses innocents of being hateful, has them wrongfully convicted without the right to a fair trial, without evidence... and he profits from it, from the money stolen from his victims by his cronies at the "Human Rights" Commission.

I'd love to go to war (legal-system-warfare, of course) against this vile lunatic. Just let him threaten me, too. Let him try to wage war against the growing army of those who will defeat him as the Nazis were defeated!

But just listen to the left. The "progressives". What are they saying about him? Not much negative, and mostly nice things, as I've noticed. What did I tell you about the left in previous posts?

Listen up real good now, Richard, if you don't want your life to become a living hell, as karma dictates due to your making others' lives a living hell, you better shut up and cease and desist your evil activities. Immediately.

Want to threaten a disabled person, Richard? Ok then. Bring it on and more and more people will see just how mean-spirited you are, picking on a deaf person just for truthfully criticizing your bizarre, harmful actions...

You belong in jail as far as I'm concerned, Richard.