Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Stephane Dion Plagiarized David Suzuki Foundation

Above: A mug shot taken of Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion, who has been caught being a plagiarizer. Funny he tried to call an innocent man a plagiarizer. Was he projecting his faults onto a political opponent, as is common behavior for those suffering from Leftist Mental Disorder? If only leftists knew that projection doesn't work... one cannot absolve one's guilt by falsely accusing someone else of doing what oneself did.

Desperate and forgetting that he's living in a glass house himself, guilty as sin of plagiarism, Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion has been going around falsely accusing Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper of plagiarizing another Prime Minister's speech. Here's the inconvenient truth about Stephane Dion, the plagiarist! What a hypocrite. And what an asshole for hurling an accusation without knowing whether it's true or not. Soooo desperate!

The speechwriter is the bad boy, not the Prime Minister, and the speechwriter has resigned. PM Harper therefore remains unsmeared by the puffin poop pitched by the pitiful poofter professor. The puffin poop's all on the professor... again! Poor, poor, pitiful, puffin-poopy Stephanie Dee-yawn!

So will the mainstream media pick up on Stephane Dion's plagiarism? I doubt it. They'll protect him instead. Just watch them harp on Harper for stuff he didn't do while looking the other way on Dion's real baddie-boy antics. Or just watch them make a big deal out of the way Harper gives hugs to family members, as if it somehow matters, or is even any of our business. Come on, MSM... tell the voters that Liberal Stephane Dion is a plagiarizer. Because it's newsworthy. What, you don't want to do your job? Ok, then... I just did your job for you. So send me a check for my work.