Sunday, January 29, 2006

Shake Your Hand? That'll Be $5,000: Bill Clinton

Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton, former US Prez, with other former US Prez George Bush I, above, offers his right hand for a shake. Kinda creepy, considering where his other hand is...
Well, what do you know... ex-Democratic US President Bill Clinton, best-known for his illicit affair with former White House intern Monica Lewinsky, is going around charging people five thousand dollars for the pleasure... er, honor,, privilege... whatever... of simply shaking his hand.
Reports the New Zealand Herald:

"A small group can book an hour with the former president for $5000 a head and for that they will get a handshake and a photograph and a chance to mingle with the only Democratic president the win two terms in the last 60 years."
Mr. Clinton is offering a volume discount for groups of 50 or more - who will pay a mere $150,000 [$3,000 a head] for the honor of basking in his aura.
Sigh... A regular God's gift to the world, eh? I mean, the man can hardly even keep his pants on while on the job! Now that's chutzpah! Wonder what it costs to shake hands with Hugh Grant? What about Pee-Wee Herman? Not that I care! Nooooo.
I wonder if by using the phrase "a head", as above, the New Zealand Herald was making a pun, and whether it was intended, given Slick Willy's notorious past activities in the Oral... er, Oval Office.
There you have it, folks, leftist values unplugged! Marvel, marvel.