Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Libranos Riding in Limos

Via Bourque:

Here we go again with Liberal wasteful spending... on themselves, at the expense of the taxpayer.

In Canada.

Remember Liberal Immigration Minister Joe Volpe, he of the infamous three-figure-cost "pizza-for-two" notoriety?

Well, here we have the Librano doing the same thing, always renting big, luxurious limousines to get around in.


Leaked documents detail a 12 1/2-hour trip to the nearby U.S. city last March that included an $850 fare, $127.50 tip and $68.43 in GST for a total cost of $1,045.93.

Another 10 1/2-hour trip to an undisclosed location from Pearson airport cost $522.

Hmm... "undisclosed location"... whooo... wonder where it could be and with whom he had a meeting... probably somebody in another limo... maybe three other limos full of big guys in suits?

Libranos... Libranos riding in limos...

Volpe's spokesman, Stephen Heckbert, said the trips were the best option given the alternatives. In the case of Buffalo, Heckbert said there were no direct flights available and a charter would have been too expensive.


...the minister always explores the best and the cheapest option based on the time he's got, where he has to go, what he has to do when he gets there," said Heckbert.

Oh, for heaven's sake! Does Mr. Heckbert seriously believe we're going to fall for this ludicrous bullshit?

Do the Libranos realize that it's possible to rent a regular-size car? And that they could actually drive it themselves? Don't Libranos know how to drive? Or were they brought up to have James chauffeur them everyday to school and the candy store?

And what about perhaps, instead of being absolutely everywhere in person, why not consider simply picking up the phone? How about videoconferencing? This is increasingly being done; but for Libranos, nope, that takes the fun and luxury out of what they do. Why grab the phone when you can take a ride in an oversized Cadillac, maybe catching a movie or two on the way whilst delicately sipping some fine Remy Martin Napoleon? Hell, enjoy it while it lasts. It's other peoples' money anyway, so why give a shit? Besides, the voters will catch on to all the other naughty stuff you're doing anyway, so who'll notice a thousand-dollar bill for a little hop on down to Bella Cucina del Italia just south of the border in Buffalo for the usual get together with Don Paulie, Snivelling Salvatore and the Big Brats?

Best and cheapest option, my ass!

See? It's the culture of entitlement again! Libranos believe they're entitled to ride in limos at our expense. I've never even been in one myself. Have you?

Yet another reason why they keep our taxes so high.

Time to hang 'em high on January 23rd.

Choose your Canada. Vote Conservative.