Sunday, January 22, 2006

Liberals Muck Up Again, Send $250 Checks to Prisoners

Via Bourque:

The Paul Martin Liberals have done it again.

Giving our hard-earned tax dollars to prisoners in the form of heating rebate checks.

We. Law-abiding, productive citizens who pay taxes. They. Liberals. Corrupt ruling cabal who gave some of it to their friends in the slammer, who live for free, not having to pay for heating, meals, accommodation, electricity, hot water, cable tv, internet access, etc., etc... all even though they've been bad and broke all kinds of laws.

Yes. Our money going to bad guys in prison. For nothing. And these prisoners are allowed by the Liberals to vote. Yep, they're getting "heating rebate" checks. "Bizarro World" stuff. Liberals, yep.

In Canada.

We didn't make this up.

We're not allowed to make up stuff.

Choose your Canada.