Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hidden Epidemic? STD Infection Skyrocketing in Canada

The CTV reports that:

The rates of infection for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been found to have increased very significantly in Canada between 1997 and 2004. Specifically,

Chlamydia: up 70%

Gonnorhea: up 80%

Syphilis: up 908% Yes, nine hundred eight percent.

The above data was obtained by the Society of Obstetricians and Gynecologists from Canada's Public Health Agency, which tracks STDs.

What I find interesting is that the report says that "experts" are calling for a "national strategy" to deal with the problem. However, I really don't see what can be done in today's politically-correct, don't-worry-be-happy, sex-as-you-wish-however-you-wish-with-whomever-you-wish overpermissive, oversexualized, sex-obsessed society to reduce the apparently increasing dangerously risky sexual activity among Canadians, who seem to have forgotten about the many, very real dangers of devil-may-care serial screwing around. Why, whatever happened to people being terrified of getting HIV? Has the disease been sugarcoated by the state and by the MSM, resulting in a return to the Sixties and Seventies in terms of "free love" and possibly a brand new crisis like the original AIDS scare from which we thought society and the state had already learned important lessons?

Don't get me wrong... I'm by no means whatsoever any kind of prude. I personally enjoy a good lay as does anyone else. But I fear that Canadians have been brainwashed and led to believe it's ok to go around knocking boots whenever and with whomever now. All the sex, sex, sex we hear about, read about and see on TV and the internet... all the politicians and social activists promoting all sorts of sex-based "lifestyles" in a valueless, "human rights"-obsessed environment... they talk about these cavalier, hedonistic lifestyles as if they're recommended for all and carry no risks whatsoever... it's as if the state doesn't care to remind people about self-responsibility and a respect for the fact that every action carries possible and probable deleterious, devastating consequences.

And it's ignored also that as more individuals harm themselves and others via risky behavior, society as a whole will necessarily be affected negatively as well, meaning innocent individuals will endure some negative effects stemming from the expanding and increasing problems that start with just a few people and eventually cause widespread difficulties throughout society, such as an increasing burden on the healthcare system, leading to longer waiting lines and overworked professionals. There's also the reality of increased workplace absenteeism, which harms productivity and increases labor and other costs to companies, leading to decreased competitiveness with foreign companies, leading to economic malaise not only on a micro- but also on a macroeconomic scale. We'd also for sure see increased pressure on public finances, and we understand this can have implications for other public goods and services and for tax rates and so on.

The report also indicates that the increased rates are predominantly seen in younger persons, age range given from 15 to 29. It also states that for the syphilis case increases, it was predominantly men over 30, of whom a significant proportion were "homosexual". Be certain to read the entire report.

What I believe has happened is that youth haven't been receiving the information they need to make wiser, safer decisions to not engage in sexually risky behavior regardless of the "fun" factor or the social pressure factor. This is the consequence of the apparently valueless, nonjudgemental approach of the left-leaning public education system's "teachings" with respect to sexual education to young people. After all, they don't need instruction in the performance of sex acts. The reasonable person knows instinctively that the state has no business telling other peoples' kids how to perform fellatio, cunnilingus and sodomy, to name just three, against the wishes of the parents and the rights of the children to not be unnecessarily, forcibly exposed to concepts that don't apply to them yet due to their youth. If, after all, it's illegal for persons under 18 to view or pose for pornography, it stands to reason that society doesn't value what's being taught in terms of these adult matters by the state to children. For heaven's sake, we're talking about children. Why does the leftist state today insist on teaching children how to have sex? It's inexplicable! I would think that the ultra-extreme left is making this all happen via its ally the Liberal government in Ottawa, who'll do whatever it takes to stay in power, even if it means harming Canada and Canadians. We've seen them do it in so many other ways with their cavalier attitude towards terrorism and national unity. The SSM legislation and the polygamy recommendation resulting from a study commissioned by the Liberal government are evidence to support this, too. Is polygamy next on the Liberals' agenda? Let's not go there. Don't vote for the corrupt, crooked bastards... they just keep getting worse anyway and will eventually cause the Confederation to break up if maintained in power.

Choose your Canada. End the "Liberal" insanity.