Sunday, August 02, 2009

Well, They Can't Complain...

...else they'd be hypocrites.

Story here.

After all, the "Palestinians" want to throw Jews out of Jerusalem.

And they also want to throw all Jews out of all of Israel. It's their stated raison d'etre. No escaping this fact.

And the Muslim-Arab world itself cleansed their lands of Jews, creating refugees who ended up in Israel.

Isn't it obvious that the Muslim-Arab world wants to get rid of the Jews, period? They want to take away every last place on earth where Jews can go to live, prosper and be safe!

The Muslim-Arab world is huge and massive, whereas Israel is very small. Why does the Muslim-Arab world want to cleanse Israel and occupy her for itself? Of course, the Muslim-Arab world has plenty already, and, hey, if the Jews can turn Israel from a barren desert into a thriving land, so can the Muslim-Arabs. Or can they? What, are they too stupid and/or lazy? Are they inferior to Jews? Is this why they're jealous, like their Nazi allies, who were jealous of Jews because Jews were smarter and more successful, and they wanted to steal what they had and get rid of the rightful owners?

Besides, the Israeli Supreme Court has ruled that certain folks living in East Jerusalem were living there illegally and had to leave. And those who had to leave ought to be thankful for the humaneness of the Israeli police, for if it was the other way around, and it was Muslims getting rid of Jews and Christians...

Besides, remember when Israel evicted Jews from Gaza prior to her giving the land to the "Palestinians"? She evicted her own people to give the land to the Muslims, a massive error in judgement, as we've seen with the Muslims turning Gaza into a launchpad for weapons of mass destruction, lobbing thousands of rockets at Israel...

So don't complain; don't bash Israel. To do so wouldn't be fair, nor would it be honest.