Sunday, August 02, 2009

Obama Clunker Program An Ominous Pile Of Crap

A shitbucket of a program; a shitbucket of an administration!

Story here.

"If this is how the government is going to handle billion-dollar programs affecting all Americans, I ask, whatever will we do if this administration takes control of our health care?"

Indeed. If the don't know what they're doing with the clunker crap-out, and grossly underestimated the demand and the cost to supply it all, in a rather simple program, well, does anyone with a functioning brain believe these clowns can handle something as complicated as Obamacare, depicted in the flowchart below?

And then there's their cost estimate. Of course, if they grossly underestimate demand and cost, well, there's always rationing...

Well, at least it'll provide many, many jobs for professional gravediggers...