Saturday, August 01, 2009

Librano Dirty Tricks Report

Via Email from my people...

About people like these...
It seems that the summer holidays will offer us no respite from the Liberal Party of Canada's attempts to smear Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party. Still over a month before the resumption of Parliament and already they've kicked into high gear with their most baffling and unprincipled attack yet.

As you know, Liberals vigorously attacked the Prime Minister after a New Brunswick newspaper accused Stephen Harper of pocketing a communion wafer at a Roman Catholic Church at a recent state funeral - creating a divisive religious controversy and pitting one group of Canadians against another.

The story, of course, was proven to be manufactured: the newspaper issued a stunning front-page apology to the Prime Minister, while firing its editor and suspending its publisher.


A member of the Parliamentary Press Gallery told a national television audience that Liberals passed the manufactured information to the paper's publisher.

What's worse, the Liberals have refused to deny that they were behind the manufactured story. Michael Ignatieff simply won't take responsibility for the actions of his office or his party.

It shows how insincere the chief fundraiser for the Liberal Party of Canada was when he wrote to party supporters in May, stating, "Canada deserves a government dedicated to solving problems, not partisan attacks."
You can change some of the frontline guard in the Liberal Party, but it's still the Liberal Party. The Party of ADSCAM (when will they repay the taxpayers the $40 million they owe them, with interest?). And the old guard, ie. Chretien, Martin et al., is still there, behind the curtain, working the controls and yanking the strings, so, really, the more things in the Liberal Party "change", the more it stays the same. Dirty rotten scoundrels' club.

Don't let Iggy's "fresh" "leader" face fool you. You just know he's hiding something. What's he up to?

Hard to say. He's even more hard to find than Waldo lately...