Saturday, August 01, 2009

Iggy Liberal EI Idea Would Worsen Unemployment...


...according to economists.

The Liberal leader is pushing the minority Harper government to adopt a single national standard of 360 hours - or nine weeks - of work to qualify for jobless benefits.

That's very close to the eight-week eligibility rule introduced by Pierre Trudeau's Liberals in 1971, sparking a spike in seasonal unemployment and an electoral backlash that helped cost Trudeau his majority in the 1972 election.

"What happened in '71 to my mind was a policy catastrophe," says University of Ottawa economist David Gray.

To repeat it today "would just be catastrophic for the Canadian economy."


The Liberals also want an election again this year, as the economy, still probably vulnerable, begins its recovery. That would cause political instability, hurting the recovery.... and then the Liberals would take away the incentive to work, so people would be working less and less, and those who do work would be paying more and more to support those lazy bums... again! It'd be Soviet Trudeaustan all over again!

See? Not only do Ignatieff, the Liberals and the other socialist parties want to copy Obama's hardcore communist project, but they want to go back to the communist regime imposed by Pierre Trudeau's Liberals.


Do we want to go there again?


See? The Liberal Party is Leftist, socialist, you name it!

Good on the Harper Conservatives for telling the Ignatieff Liberals to P.F.O.!

ht: NNW