Sunday, September 17, 2006

Judicial Accountability Coming to South Dakota?

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South Dakota may soon see judges being forced to stick to the Constitution and no longer invent rulings out of their own imaginations/personal beliefs.

Now comes the newest statement on morals and conservative values from the roughly 800,000 people who live between Nebraska and North Dakota, Minnesota and Wyoming: A South Dakota Judicial Accountability plan that would require judges to follow the Constitution.

No more "discoveries" like the U.S. Supreme Court's revelation of a "right" to sodomy, such as was featured in a Texas case not too long ago, plan supporters say.


The plan is fairly simple: A constantly rotating panel of South Dakota residents chosen randomly from voter registration lists would serve as a "super" grand jury. Anyone with a complaint against a judge that isn't resolved by the judiciary could come to the panel.

Panel members would have the power to review cases and circumstances, and, if they determine it's appropriate, strip a judge of his immunity for his decisions in court.

And guess what? It appears that the plan will be approved by voters. Polling currently shows support for the Amendment at three-to-one.

Excellent idea. Why should judges have absolute, unfettered power? Why should it be that only a handful of other, also unaccountable, elitist legal types can do anything about judges making bad rulings and deviating from the Constitution?

The left isn't going to like this. But so what? They can eat my shorts if they don't like what comes via the democratic decisions of the people. After all, democracy is a right, which the left sometimes hates and wishes it wasn't, as often democracy doesn't get those "gimme, gimme" petulant, overgrown, selfish-hedonistic children what they want. After all, leftists are like some kind of spoiled brats who believe they're entitled to take just whatever they desire regardless of any deleterious consequences to other people. And they're like that while simultaneously taking away the rights of all kinds of folks who don't meet with leftist approval.

Here's to a future of accountability of the entire state apparatus, not just of the government itself. May the South Dakota progressiveness rapidly spread to the rest of the Free World, including Canada!

Power to the people! The elites must do as they're told!

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