Friday, September 29, 2006

Harper Stands Up For Israel at International Summit

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Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Members of the Francophonie summit have agreed to a compromise on a contentious resolution after Prime Minister Stephen Harper blocked the original proposal.

The original wording of the resolution recognized Lebanon's suffering in this summer's 34-day conflict, but not Israel's.

Harper took a strong stance against the Egyptian-proposed resolution which most of the 72 members supported. He urged the organization to recognize the suffering of both nations.


"They spent much of the afternoon at the conference table re-drafting a resolution with the wording Harper wanted," said CTV's Rosemary Thompson reporting from the summit.

That's Canada's new Prime Minister, Stephen Harper. Standing up for Israel. Against majority (Dhimmi) international opinion. And getting Canada's way in favor of Israel.

Canada's Stephen Harper is a real leader, both here at home and in the world.

This is something Canada hasn't seen in a long time, perhaps not to such an extent, ever.

Thanks to Mr. Harper, Canada is once again a real, serious, active player on the world stage. We're leading the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and winning. We're influencing the world in their views.

Canadians can be proud. Very proud. Of their country and their new prime minister.

O Canada!