Saturday, September 23, 2006

Bill Clinton Unhinged!

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Scary: bigwig moonbat Bill Clinton unhinged

Video here. h/t: Drudge Report. It's a preview of the "unhinged Willy" interview to be broadcast tomorrow (Sunday) on Fox News Sunday.

Related: Clinton points finger back at Bush on non-capture of Bin Laden.

Heh... them moonbats hate it when the truth about them comes out! Getting mad as hell on TV isn't going to impress anyone.

He blames "right wingers" for everything being said about him these days. Heh... just like his wife: "Vast, Right-wing Conspiracy" Hillary.

Oh, yeah... dismiss all critics as "right-wing". That'll really impress reasonable folks... suuure!

He claims he "tried" and "failed". Oh, did he really try? I guess we'll never know, unless the Senate "Intelligence" Committee musters the intelligence to find any proof that Slick Willy ever "tried". All I hear is that he didn't care about Al Qaeda. He was more interested in his willy and some bimbo in a blue dress with a white spot on it.

He can make all the claims he wants... but why should we believe a man we know to be a liar?

Oh, please, Billy... just put that little thing back into your pants and zip up! Geez... what a pervert! What a moonbat!

Hmm... shades of Saddam... always doing the same unhinged-liar thing in court... blaming Bush, too, for his troubles... oh, and Slick Willy didn't have the balls to remove Saddam. Did he try to? Betcha he'll claim yes!

But Willy didn't get Saddam. Bush did. At least Bush got somebody. He got a lot of Al Qaeda bigwigs, too, including Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (the planner of 9/11), Al-Zarqawi, etc...

Billy merely whipped out his willy and lied about it... heeeeere's Billy!

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