Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Majority Of Americans Want To See Obama's Birth Certificate: Poll

The massive Obamacracy-Hard-Left-Big-Media propaganda campaign isn't working.

Americans aren't buying the BS. 

They want to see proof that Obama's not an impostor and want to know what he's hiding.


Does he, or doesn't he, meet the Constitution's requirements for being eligible to be President or not?

Was he, or wasn't he, born on US soil?  Show proof!  The piece of asswipe already offered by the Obama campaign's propagandists and believed without question by the submissive, protective Big Media is NOT the birth certificate; the majority of Americans aren't stupid enough to buy that magic trick!

OH!!!  By the way, Americans can sign the online petition demanding an independent, full-powered, non-partisan probe of SestakGate, with the power to subpoena and grill under oath, anyone at all, up to and including The One.

Put Obama on the stand, under oath, under penalty of perjury, regarding what and when he knew about the Sestak bribe felony!  Just like Bill Clinton and the Lewinsky CigarGate/Lying scandal.  A simple press statement is worthless because Americans do NOT TRUST Obama.

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