Monday, June 28, 2010

Jailed For Dissent In Obama's America

Nope, this isn't a "lie", but I'm sure there are those who would spin it as such.  Y'know, the Chomskyans who use cunning linguistics to alter folks' perception of reality.
Here is part of his Feb. 26 messages to Bunning staffers: "Are you’all insane. No checks equal no food for me. Do you get it?"

The next month, FBI agents came calling to Shore’s home in Philadelphia. They read him excerpts from his citizen’s complaints and asked whether he was the author, which Shore readily admitted. Apparently these agents had heard something about the First Amendment, and told this indignant American, "All right, we just wanted to make sure it wasn’t anything to worry about."

But the ever-vigilant Obama administration was not satisfied. On May 13 U.S. Marshals appeared at Shore’s door and handed him a grand jury indictment. James Madison, the father of the First Amendment, had insisted that the great right of freedom of speech must be placed beyond the reach of any branch of government. This is the indictment that forced Shore into federal court. The language is that of Communications Act of 1934 as amended and updated to include electronic messages in the Telecommunications Act of 1996: "(Shore) did utilize a telecommunications device, that is a computer, whether or not communication ensued, without disclosing his identity and with the intent to annoy, abuse, threaten and harass any person who received the communication."
YOU may be next. All you have to do is communicate dissent.  And all THEY have to do is DEEM the dissent to be "annoying, abusive, threatening or harassing".  Hmm.  You know, if Bush had enforced such a law the way the Obamacrats are enforcing it, then over half the population would be in jail...  Uh-oh, shee-it... this means that that's apparently going to happen NOW, if the Obamacrats go after EVERYONE who expresses dissent in any way, shape or form!

I warned Americans.  But too many just didn't listen.  Now look, see, it's happening.  The Iron Fist of the Obamacrat Reich slamming down on dissidents.

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bluepitbull said...

It won't last long. Americans hate having their liberties trampled on. I already saw that the ACLU has their feathers ruffled over this. That, in itself, is telling.