Thursday, June 24, 2010

CANOE -- CNEWS - Daily Feature: Ground Zero mosque an ill tribute to 9/11 victims

CANOE -- CNEWS - Daily Feature: Ground Zero mosque an ill tribute to 9/11 victims

I guess the Troll will accuse QMI of "lying", too...

Yeah, they're "right-wing", therefore they're "lying" when calling it a "Mega-Mosque". Yup. Suuuuuuuure!

If it's a "lie", oh, well, I like the company I keep better than the Allahu-Akhbar company the Troll prefers.
Rather than a memorial to victims, the mosque will be seen as a monument to terror attacks. Complete with mosque, museum, appropriate shops, rooms for seminars and lectures, proponents of the proposed 15-storey Islamic Cultural Centre claim it is to enhance the memories of the 2,751 who died that September morning when hijacked airliners were steered into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre.
Ever since that terrorist act, plotted and executed by jihadists and Muslim extremists, other acts of terrorism have occurred around the world ­— Spain, Egypt, Bali, Britain, Russia, not to mention killings in Iraq, Afghanistan and attempts in the U.S.
Since 9/11, the U.S. and allied democracies have shown awesome restraint toward Islam. There has been little in the way of hostility manifested against Muslims, considering that most incidents of terrorism involve Muslims.

Before it’s too late, saner heads in the U.S. should prevail and rethink putting a mosque on the site of the single greatest outrage against America and democracy since Pearl Harbor. Moderate Muslims should also speak up.
When is a mosque not a mosque? When it includes components that aren't technically mosque-y, albeit still very, very Islamic.  Yup, this is how the little minds of the Far Left Fringe Elementists "work".  Splitting hairs over the splitting of Kufrs, this is what the Dhimmis are doing when calling the critics of the Mega Mosque "liars".

Oh, and, btw, MODERATION IS OFF. Why be moderate when the Islamic Supremacists aren't, and when the Trolls aren't?



Balbulican said...

"If it's a "lie", oh, well, I like the company I keep better than the Allahu-Akhbar company the Troll prefers."

If you're referring to me, Mr. McCallister, you can drop dead.

Balbulican said...

Now to return to the subject at hand:

a) You don't understand journalism, so you don't probably don't get the difference between NEWS and COMMENTARY. You have linked to COMMENTARY.

b) The building is not a Ground Zero. It is two blocks away. One minute with a map will confirm that.

c) The building is not a mega mosque, or a mosque of any kind. The only folks claiming that are the whacked out bigots and haters like yourself.

Repeating a lie doesn't make it come true.

glasnost said...

OK, it's a free country so the non-provocateur Muslims should be allowed to build a non-symbolic not-a-mosque at not-ground-zero. In fairness though, others should also be free to build restaurants and other non-provocative establishments nearby without fear of any "whacked out bigots and haters” threatening to behead them.

Balbulican said...

100% agreed.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, great. I get back to my blog after a long, hard day at work, and lo and behold, the hostile troll is using possibly criminal violent language while referring directly to me using a name he believes may be mine.

"Drop dead" will easily get one banned, all right. Such language will not be tolerated.

Unacceptable. Intolerable. Moderation is back on, likely for good, as I cannot let this crap go on. And that troll's comments won't be published any longer.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

Reuters / Washington post article here:

Refers to the debated construct as a "mosque" 9 NINE times, quoting Muslims and others.

AND from The Wall Street Journal Metropolis here:
"...a vacant property on Park Place, the former site of a Burlington Coat Factory that had been damaged by airplane debris on September 11, 2001,..."

Also you should know... many people were smashed to bits and were recovered from and remain upon the roof tops of all the surrounding buildings.

evidence here:

So...BullshitAGAIN and again and again. Go film yourself.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Thank you for your research. It's quite inconvenient for Dr. Rude Entry. Clearly, he's trying to make rude entry into peoples' minds with his Chomskyan semanticism, attempting to make it sound like nothing being said about the issue that Muslims don't want said, is true, therefore there's no cause for concern. Cleverly pshychoaffectively manipulative, that Dr. Rude Entry. Why he continues to delude himself that he can mess with my mind, I'll never fathom. Then again, who can fathom the disorderly Prog mind?

And, Glasnost, I believe that people should be able to build all the Churches, Synagogues, Falun Gong places of practice and gay bars that they want and hold all the GLBT "Pride" parades... anywhere in the Islamic World, if the Islamic Supremacists can build, with funds of questionable origin (House of Saud? Wouldn't surprise me one bit, as they build many supremacist mosques all over the world, including in NA), at the general site of the worst mass murder of all time in America, a mass murder committed by Islamic Supremacists, mind y'all...