Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears

Hawaii elections official victim of vicious smears

Of course, anyone, including credible people in a position to know what they're talking about, speaking the inconvenient truth, even someone who doesn't care whether Obama was born in America or not, and who's actually a hard-leftist himself, will become an instant target of the Obamacrat Reich's operatives and propagandists.

Just like the Old Media does its part (to completely ignore his testimony, which he's prepared to submit in court under oath), the rest of the party apparatus does its own.

You know, the former elections official in this story, he's more credible than those who go around saying that there's no question as to Obama's eligibility, that it's been proven, that they've seen his "birth certificate"...

Whom to believe, whom to believe? Yup, such is the dilemma...

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