Saturday, June 05, 2010

Deputy Sheriff Lou Ferrigno Stands Up For America, Against Terrorists, Illegal Aliens

  Yup.  In real life, "Jack Bauer" is much, much bigger... in fact, his name is actually...
Watch out, bad guys and hellbent progs... 'cause this guy is coming for you!  REALLY!

Yes.  Lou Ferrigno, former nemesis of Arnold Schwarzenegger for bodybuilding's top prize, the Mr. Olympia, is now, in real life, fighting crime and illegal alien presence in America, standing up, as a real patriot for his country, just as his former character The Incredible Hulk.

 Lou Ferrigno, today.  Doing very important stuff in real life.  Former muscle-wars nemesis of Schwarzenegger.   Once a comic-book and movie hero, now a real-life good guy fighting real-life crime and evil and helping to save America.  Welcome the REAL Jack Bauer!

Deputy Ferrigno has training in anti-terrorism and advanced weaponry as well.  Hoo-ah!  Damn, this guy needs to be talked about and celebrated more, 'cause, hey, he's so inspiring.  He ain't even hearing-impaired anymore (bionic hearing... wonder what else he's got that makes him like the Six Million Dollar Man?).  Gonna have to fix my own hearing deficiency too, someday not too distant... sure would make a lot of stuff significantly easier and allow for full-speed moves on roads that currently have speed limits that're impossible to break.

Becoming a counterterrorist lawman

Between episodes of appearing as himself on the CBS sitcom The King of Queens, Lou completed the class work as well as training in firearms (he’s a crack shot), first aid, and high-speed driving techniques in classes where most of the recruits were nearly half his age.

Under the watchful eyes of a crowd that included police booster and Transformers star Jon Voight, Lou went up to the podium to collect the badge that signaled the end of his training. His Beretta 92 at his side (since replaced by the HK USP .45), the pride on his face and the sense of accomplishment was genuine when Lou was recognized as “an outstanding trainee” by an equally proud Sheriff Lee Baca at the ceremony.

Damn... y'know, while Arnold used to be my idol, he is no more, now that he's demonstrated that he's little more than a puppet of his neo-Communist Obamacracy-linked Kennedy in-laws.  Not cool at all that he's got ultra-far-left-wing Kennedy hands up his ass whilst in the Californicatoria Governator's Office.

NOW my idol is Lou Ferrigno!  Hello, Lou, please step this way and stand on the pedestal...  no need to do a double-biceps or a lat spread or a most-muscular or anything like that anymore, 'cause there's more-important stuff going on now, and it's time to get to work to save America and the world from the bad guys.

Legendary Sherriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona has made Ferrigno an honorary Deputy and Lou has served as his personal bodyguard already.  Imagine that... The Incredible Hulk as your bodyguard!

In fact, Ferrigno was Arpaio's bodyguard at a recent Tea Party-sponsored rally, at which he said:

“Everyone in the media is going on about a racial issue. It’s not, because now we have a lot of situations with weapons of mass destruction throughout the world. We need to take our country back and save our country, because we are a sovereign nation.”

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