Saturday, June 12, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Egyptian FM: Obama Told Me He's Muslim

Israel Today (pdf document- page 3, "Obama, A Strategic Catastrophe")

“The American President
told me in confidence that
he is a Muslim,” said Egyptian
Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul
Gheit on Nile TV

Via Atlas Shrugs

Now waiting for MEMRI or another dedicated Arabic-media translator to confirm...


Balbulican said...

Poor, poor Scenty. You really are a sucker, aren't you?

Here's a little exercise. See if you can actually trace this story back to its source.

You will find that it has ONE source, and one source only. That's a Christian Conservative writer who says his wife "picked up" this story randomly watching Nile TV.

There is no link. No video clip. No transcript. No validation.

ALL other coverage, including Geller's blogging and the Israel Today coverage, is unverified repetition of that one source.

My god, you are gullible.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"a Christian Conservative writer who says his wife "picked up" this story randomly watching Nile TV."

Link, please, Mister Troll...

And I note that you made a big deal out of the alleged religious orientation of the allegedly conservative alleged writer. As if being Christian and conservative means that one is lying. Hmm. You wouldn't have mentioned their being gay or Muslim, if you thought they were, but you'll gleefully say, "Hey, look! Christian! Conservative! There! They're lying! Case closed!"

Fascinating old dude... fascinating. *Cocking eyebrow*

Balbulican said...

"Link, please, Mister Troll..."

Uh...Scenty? The links are the ones YOU provided. Am I to take it that you didn't even read them yourself? Oh, my.

You see, my poor foolish friend...until you start actually trying to determine whether there's ANY truth in the garbage you post, your posts will remain precisely that...garbage.

Canadian Sentinel said...

OH, of course, my rude friend. *Facepalm*... Speed-reading isn't a good thing... sometimes we skip a few... irrelevant details, like the religion and political orientation of someone...

And how did you determine that it's not true? Do tell.

Before you go around saying stuff is "garbage", like Obama does about his eligibility questions, you should first furnish proof that they're "garbage". :)

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, and religion is irrelevant unless, of course, we're talking about potentially a fundamentalist Islamist in the White House... Imagine Mullah Omar in the White House, or someone from the Muslim Brotherhood... 'nuff said.

The report is enough to spark a firestorm of questions to Obama. Get him to vociferously deny being Muslim, or just do the usual namecalling routine instead of directly responding and raising further suspicions and questions. Why would Obama lie to Americans about his faith? What is he hiding? What is his hidden agenda that becomes more apparent as time goes by?

If he was a Republican, you KNOW the Old Media would have pounced on this report like piranhas.

Balbulican said...

Yada yada yada.

Grow up, check your sources, and stop disseminating crap.

Canadian Sentinel said...

You grow up. I am not the Big Media. Why don't you grow up and go after the Big Guys, eh... Don't tell me you have, or that you do, 'cause I don't see any evidence of your efforts. Your talents for nitpicking would be invaluable for holding the Old Media to account, but you prefer to waste 'em on little old me...