Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's Official: SUN News!

Apparently Canada will have her own, Canadian "FOX News"!

It's called SUN News.

Some of Kory Teneycke's comments about SUN News:
What viewers are telling us is that there is a big hole and Canadians are watching a lot less news than Americans. Ratings have been low for a long time and I think there’s arguably a lack of diversity and voice out there as well.


No disrespect to my friends at CTV or CBC, but I think we are talking about something that’s a little bit more exciting. As somebody who used to appear on those types of political panels, there’s often boring to the point of being un-watchable for most Canadians – too focused on stories inside Ottawa not enough about things people are actually talking about. We’re not afraid of being politically incorrect.


the most important element in the entire endeavour is to be different and to be exciting. If we’re just the same old, boring news that everyone else is putting up, we’ll get the same old boring results which is people watching other things.


glasnost said...

I'd like to add the following to your excerpt CS:

And the news section is during the day and the commentary section is at night and your audience on TV — just like your readers in the newspaper — are smart enough to figure out which is which.

It demonstrates an attitude about their clients that has been missing in the lame-stream.

BTW it's time for a compliment to your blog, I know it's dirty work but somebody has to do it.

Well done, keep it up.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Indeed, it's the right attitude, recognizing the intelligence of the audience, not denying it.

And thanks, and I plan to...