Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Cat Let Out Of Kinsella's Bag: Blowing The Whistle On Secret Leftist Merger Talks

Hard-left redneck Warren Kinsella lets the cat out of the bag (hopefully NOT to make kitty flied lice out of it)...

Story here.
The new party would possibly be named the Liberal Democrats and there has been tentative talk about what a shared platform would look like and an understanding that a race would be required to choose a new leader.

"Serious people are involved in discussions at a serious level," Warren Kinsella, a former adviser to former prime minister Jean Chr├ętien, told CBC News.
This proves that the Liberal Party of Canada has moved so incredibly far to the Hard Left that it's now feasible to talk merger with the NDP, who are so extremely hard-left as to be unelectable.

Yup.  The NDP brings that baggage to the table, and would merge it with the Liberals' reputation for crime, corruption and greed.  The resulting chimera would resemble the Obamacrats, I'd say...


Jen said...

Oh! ho! Duceppe is not going to like this one CS, I think that the photo of three traitors signed a coalition together to overthrown the sitting prime minister stephen harper while the media watched.

Duceppe is not going allow himself be left in the dark or unless 'a special deal' behind closed doors between the three has taken place not to involve Duceppe with them in public knowing that the people will not go for it neverthless the deal between the three of them will remain alive without you ever knowing. In fact, they have started already.
Come to think of it, none of those three parties give a dam about our country CS, always fighting for the criminals' & terrorists' rights; more so than the for our rights to live free from terrorism.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And the plot is thickening as we speak... Hoo-ah!

More to come...

arctic_front said...

SWEET! merge-on dudes.. merge-on.

Any cabal that includes the NDP will have any center-thinking Liberal abandon ship in a hurry.

I find it hilarious how Iggy and Layton were jumping up and down trying to put out the flames of this merger-talk. What buffoons. Iggy said he doesn't want to talk about coalitions until AFTER an election? WTF, over? Why not campaign under a coalition banner DURING an election? What are you afraid of?

I smell conservative majority.