Wednesday, June 30, 2010

US accepts international assistance for Gulf spill

US accepts international assistance for Gulf spill

Finally. After sooooooo long, after sooooo many hours and hours and hours of bilssfylly golfing and yachting and vacationing and talking about looking for ass and plugging damn holes and whatnot. Geez. Sheesh. Fofecksake!

Why did the incompetent procrastinators wait so damn long to do something? The offers of help have been floating around since pretty much the beginning, but the Obamacrats said "no".

Perhaps they wanted to milk the disaster for all the opportunities it could provide them vis-a-vis draconian new legislation to effect devastating change upon America and Americans. Never fail to take advantage of man-made disasters!

If Bush had behaved like this, you just know that the left-wing "protestors"/terrorists would be in the streets, burning cars, breaking store windows, looting, assaulting police, wreaking havoc and calling the President the most horrible, hateful names they could come up with. But since it's Obama in power, well, there's been virtually ZERO of that for The Zero. Zip for Zilch. Zilch for Zip. What an easy ride while The Zero lets Hell out of its hole to devastate America in the name of "Progress" (International Socialism/totalitarianism).


Jen said...

What the people should ask themselves is "why now?"
You are right CS, had it been Bush to deny help, the media will have a field day criticizing him.

I blame the refusal for 'International help' on OBAMA and his administration.

∞ ≠ ΓΈ said...

I know some folks who have worked in shipyards for years. In a recent conversation one of these people conveyed his frustration with the lack of effort being put forth on the spill. ..."we have ships designed for this in the yard.." ..."they're part of the Ready Reserve..."

Bing! Right away I saw the problem. There is no one in the Ready Reserve Corps. Why??/

The health care bill. The Ready Reserve that was currently active was moved to the Regular Reserve Corp. In essence the Ready Reserve was emptied. The new bill removed responsibility of commissioning officers for this Corps from the Secretary of Health & Human Services and made it the direct responsibility of the President.
(This is where the concept of Obama's private army comes from.)
The Ready Reserve is so vaguely defined that it could be used for almost any purpose.

As it turns out, oil skimming and siphoning ships are in the shipyards as a part of the Ready Reserve's recourses. There is no one in place to use them. AND WHO'S DIRECT STREAMLINED UNINTERRUPTED FAULT IS THAT?

The irony is that the worst army he could build was none at all.
So, of course, he's done exactly that.