Friday, June 11, 2010

Standing Up For Israel, Standing Up To Obama


TheEgyptian said...

Pence should study the issue more carefully to understand what the US position is supposed to be. The US presents itself as a "broker" of peace between Israel and the Palestinians, and thus should not actually be on either side, but remain neutral, as a mediator. However, this has not been the situation historically, and the US position supportive of Israel has served only to preclude a peaceful situation by allowing Israel to stall and violate on agreements it signed up to. This in turn leads to the Palestinians to conclude 1) that Israel has no genuine interest in a settlement, and 2) There is no way that their claims will be heard. This plays directly into the hands of the militants.

Canadian Sentinel said...

"Supposed to be".

Neutral, the Obamacracy ain't. Not by a long shot. I suggest that The Egyptian get informed as to what's actually going on, and drop all prejudices.

And it's far better to be on the side of Good, than to be on the side of Bad (what propagandists call "being neutral", "being fair", being "balanced", none of which the Left, the "International Community", the Big Media, nor the UN is being).

I suppose you'd recommend we'd have remain "neutral" as the Nazis were taking over the world by force, and as they were exterminating an entire People by the millions? I say no; we must stand up for the innocent, good victims and against the murderously hateful, evil tyrants.

We've realized our error as "peacekeepers" in remaining neutral throughout genocides, yet the Hard Left/"Progressive" Movement wants us to remain "neutral" (in other words, let the Islamic supremacists go right ahead and destroy Israel, let the Chinese Communist Party occupy and tyrannize Tibet and, eventually, Taiwan, etc., etc)...

I reject the Left's amoral nonsense.

Canadian Sentinel said...

And your claims are blatantly false and apparently are borne of blatantly false "news" reports.

I'm sorry, but you don't know what you're talking about.

I suggest you scrupulously only look at the cold, hard evidence over a period of years and see that Israel is only defending herself and that the "Palestinians" only want to destroy her, NOT live peacefully side-by-side. Anyone who thinks it's the other way around is either brainwashed by "mainstream" anti-Israel propaganda or is hateful towards Israel because she's a Jewish nation. Or perhaps a professional propagandist.

glasnost said...

preclude a peaceful situation by allowing Israel to stall and violate on agreements it signed up to

I don't recall Israel signing on to any agreement giving overflight clearance to Gaza's rockets.