Tuesday, June 08, 2010

US Democrats Avoiding Facing Voters: No More Town Halls

 Peasant revolt:  
Opportunistic, selfish turncoat Arlen Specter, l, faces a fed-up American voter/taxpayer

Perhaps the town halls would go better if politicians would be more sensitive to what The People want, as opposed to what The People Behind The Curtain dictate shall be and shall not be...

Big surprise.

Reminds me of how former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien quit doing town halls after he was rightly, and inconveniently, questioned about his infamous broken promise to "scrap, kill, abolish" the GST and after he stupidly said about unemployed folks, "Some are lucky; some are unlucky... that's life".  The guy was so corrupt and disingenuous and awkward around real people that he just couldn't handle facing them.  He found himself almost ready to get into street brawls with voters who demanded answers for his broken promises and exaggerations about his government's supposedly great performance.  So he had to quit facing the voters, except in elections, though then the pro-Liberal, politically-correct activist Old Media helped him to avoid the inconvenient questions by redirecting negativity and anger towards the Opposition in one grand illusion that fooled enough folks, particularly in Ontario and Quebec, into believing that the Liberals and Chretien were good and deserved to govern, which, of course, couldn't be further from the truth.

Of course, the Democrats are even worse than even Chretien, who enjoyed the fortune of presiding over a great, long-running global economic boom and all the opportunities for political cheating with tax dollars that came with it, without having to drive Canada into the red.  Thankfully the Merciless Cretch didn't try to bankrupt Canada.  But he would've, if it served his selfish purposes, just like the Liberals today are hellbent on copying the destructive spending regime of the Obamacracy down under.

Of course, you won't hear the Old Media complain much at all that Democrats, including Obama, are avoiding the voters and also the media, whereas if a Republican or Conservative government avoided talking to and taking real questions from The People and the media, we wouldn't hear the end of it, as the Old Media would have marching orders to make a big stink over the "nasty right-wingers" who are too afraid to face The People and be held to account.

Well, you know, the Democrats and Obama don't take real questions because they know that they can't answer them truthfully without admitting that they have a hellbent, dangerous agenda to screw up America on purpose!  Yup... they KNOW they're deliberately screwing up America.  No doubt... it's too blatantly obvious even to those elite progs to be denied.  They know the effects of their destructive, far-left-wing-extremist-intelligentsiya-prescribed policies and drunken-sailor spending spree, but they care not worth a damn, because they care not about America, nor Americans.  It's dangerously selfish.

I propose a new mascot to represent the cowardly politicians in Washington, including the cowardly Republicans-In-Name-Only ones, of whom there's quite a few, no doubt...

Pussy in lion's clothing:
Democrats now avoiding facing voters in town halls

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