Friday, June 11, 2010

Liberal Party Must Be Destroyed: Kay

Jonathan Kay makes the case.

Many Liberals who want to dump Ignatieff speak of passing the torch to a new generation of young Liberals. The problem with this is that most young Liberals I know already have internalized their party’s trademark self-regard as God’s Chosen Party. It’s what drew these student-council types into the party in the first place, in fact: the promise of running the country without the hard work of proposing new ideas.

The best way for the Liberals to save the party: destroy it by merging it with the NDP. It doesn’t matter what you call the new entity — just make sure that at the end of the day, something called the “Liberal party” no longer exists. Whether or not the new party runs to the left of the current incarnation or not is beside the point. What matters is that its adherents would be liberated from the useless baggage that comes from the ancient Liberal brand: They might start to actually formulate policies without all the “party of Laurier” nonsense.

Liberals should welcome their own party’s funeral. As things stand, most of the lifelong Liberals I know walk around in a state of unspoken shame because their party isn’t fulfilling its divine destiny. Surely it must be someone’s fault, they suppose — and so they cast about for internal enemies, attacking one another in a whirlwind of panic and bickering.


Jen said...

What keeps putting patches on the LPOC is the national media. These people have been for years put band aid after band aid after band aid(cover-ups) never once letting the wound open to heal on its own(expose for who they really are) naturally the wound(party) got infected(ndp) ant still the media keeps on covering up.

The same thing is happening to the Democrats they too are infected with the like of the 'progressives' which is eating away the Dem's brand. Glenn Beck should be thanked for exposing the 'infection' calling on the 'true Dem and Rep to not allow such a progressive desease to overtake them, to fight them for the sake and security and the democracy for all americans.

Kory, our new media is spilling the beans already, he has no intentions of allowing the 'fake' media issue any 'fake' story of theirs without his imput.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I laugh at the irrational phobia on the part of the Old Media minions, such as Don Newman and Craig Oliver, and on the part of infamous socialist wingnuts like Pat Martin. Their prejudice of something that doesn't yet exist, and of the potential viewers... it's remarkable, to say the least. They really amuse me and expose themselves as irrational, prejudiced phobics. They, more than anyone else, are making the case for the fair and balanced channel being planned.