Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Obamacracy Wants To Require Licencing Of 'Journalists'


Big Brother wants to insist that you be approved by the government if you want to be a reporter.

How unconstitutional.

If you don't have a licence to speak, then you'll be forbidden to do so.  Notwithstanding the First Amendment.

Typical "progressive" horse crap!

It's just like what Hugo Chavez is doing.  If he doesn't approve, he'll shut people up.

Obama and his people want to have it that way, too.

Don't be fooled by the "reasoning" of those who want to do this.  They speak in code.  They cannot be trusted.

"Our country needs more watchful eyes on our elected officials, not legislation that outlaws the truth from emerging,"

Exactly.  More reporters, not fewer.  People can always judge for themselves whether there's any evidence being presented, or if there's just a claim made by the reporter.  And the evidence being presented by non-Big-Media reporters, such as those associated with Breitbart and World Net Daily... well, the evidence is so damaging to the current government that they'd be denied licences to shut them up, so that they could no longer tell us the inconvenient truth about the Big Bad State Apparatus as it tyrannizes us.

Hey!  If Obama says people should have to have a licence to report, I say Obama should have to show his gosh-darned real birth certificate to prove that he's Constitutionally eligible to be President via being born on American soil!  See?  Again, we see Obama's hypocrisy, via a proxy minion.

Day after day, bad thing after bad thing comes up.  Further making my case that Obama and the Democrats are very, very bad, to put it simply.


Jen said...

are these the same reporters that think Obama is a god.

Or, where would bad reporters which are more than few get their lincence from.

We know that in the real world those bad reporters will never see the 'light of a licence'

Audrey II said...

"But the plan by Sen. Bruce Patterson, a Republican from the state's 7th district,"


∞ ≠ ø said...

Bandwidth / broadcasting licenses are harmful enough. Soon we will have to 'rap' the news as that is entertainment and artistic...
I feel the muse...
Let's bring it on down...
To the tune of "Walk This Way"
Jen: Lead Vocals ;)
Bloviating Zeppelin: On the Drums
Glasnost: Base Guitar
Maria: Vocals \ Percussion
Sounder: Mix
Lead Guitar \ Producer Ceeee Essss!
(Crowd roars!!!!)

Begin riff: 'Fascist Way'

A progressive named Obama
who's thinking's like Osama
is hunting down the Fox today.

Yea he's working real hard
to issue everyone a card
so they can have something to say.

In the end they're gonna lose it
if they choose to use it
in a conservative way.

So you better listen now
that Barry ain't no sacred cow
and he certainly doesn't bother to pray....

He walks in a....
Fascist way!
Fascist way.
Fascist way!
(I've heard he's gay.)

It's really a miss...

Insert C.S. riff (rant) here

With a hatred for this nation
he's jackin up taxation
as much as the wealthy can pay.

By appointing thirty Czars
and buying GM cars,
he'll make the constitution fray.

He shows us no credentials
and certainly lacks essentials
I guess we thank the C.I.A.

We didn't pay attention
to this Hitler rendition
so now we're gonna...

Walk this way!
Goosestep Sachet.
Fascist way!
I feel ofay.......

Ta Da!
This has been an anti nihilist production.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Oopsies? Very snide.

Audrey did you read up on Nixon like I suggested? I would add Michael Bloomberg and Arlen Sphincter to the list.

I don't know a lot about Patterson, but considering this move (even if well intended) and his vote on Michigan Senate Bill 0649, he pretty much makes the list.

Conservatism is a discipline not a political party. You're sardonic expression concerning the party affiliation of Mr. Patterson only deepens your repeated demonstrations of ignorance on this site. If you were more pleasant (not obsequious) perhaps you would fare better.

Canadian Sentinel said...


Even many Republicans have conclusively proven that they're really Obamacrats.

In America, party affiliation has come to be meaningless, while concretely-demonstrated ideology (or at least the balls to tell the Obamacracy bribesters or threatenors to feck off) is what will get the votes from now on.

This is why even Democrat MidTerm hopefuls are shunning Obama as if he was super-radioactive, treating him as politically fatal.

Anyone who supports tyranny isn't a Republican, but rather a RINO. Plenty of RINOs in the GOP.

Wonder if Audrey believes that everyone should have a government-issued licence to report in any way, shape or form?

How does one reconcile taking away one's freedom of speech right (by denying them a licence to speak or write publicly in a reporting manner) with the First Amendment?

Here comes the Chomskyan cunninglingualism from the verbally-diarrheic plant...

Audrey II said...

I love the smell of outgroup homogeneity effect in the morning.

When "obamacrat" becomes a euphemism for "did something I disagree with", the histrionic well-poisoning goal behind it becomes pretty clear. While Mr. "Free Market Champion" Patterson may have proposed something repugnant, that doesn't make him an "Obamacrat". 1s and 0s make for good programming, but poor political dialogue.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Maybe a non-starter, but the simple fact that someone in the US could even suggest such a thing is ominous.

It is true that modern-day liberals are fascists at heart.

∞ ≠ ø said...

"I love the smell of out-group homogeneity effect in the morning."

Now Audrey.... THAT'S GREAT FUN!
Totally effed up.. but fun none the less.

First of all; the allusion to apocalypse now, (while flattering I admit) is purely antithetical to my more serious posts. This movie embraces nihilism which by now, you know, I hate. So bravo and thank you for at least thinking about what we write here (there is hope).

Second: "out-group"/ What you are smelling is bold and fresh. Conservatism is IN and liberalism is passé. Also, more than half of the American people oppose Obama's policies. Conservatism NEVER GOES OUT OF STYLE anyway.

Third: The "homogeneity effect" is you getting your bottom kicked. Let's face it Audrey... you're a masochist.

I’ve seen you use this ploy before and it is interesting. You set up your opponent's argument as a binary juxtaposition and then shoot it down on that very premise. This is not unlike the cop who walks up to your car, busts your tail lamp, and then writes you a ticket. So let's be clear lest some poor dolt think you have a point.
Obamacrat, for me, is no euphemism. It is synonymous with fascism in America. This is a pointed category. One that is not easy to get into. It is not defined through dichotomous comparison. Fascism is best defined as by its leftist roots, authoritarian nature, and elitist perspective. Patterson hits two out of the three... hard. And by not looking out for unintended consequences, (not knowing what his doing does... Foucault) he essentially plays the hand of the fascist. The label may be 'repugnant' to Patterson, but he is the horse's ass of the week, and deserves to wear it.

Your problem Audrey is that you don't see Obama as a fascist. Sadly I guess I hope you never do as I can't imagine what more that would require.

And please stop using the word histrionic; that as well is passé. We're not poisoning the well; we're trying to clean it up.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Clearly, contemporary "progressives" either WANT totalitarianism of the state over the people, or they're too stupid and/or insane to realize what's happening. Often, they simply don't care, as long as they're allowed to do "fun" stuff like consume alcohol and screw. Funny how those things were permitted in the Soviet Union, even though it was indeed a totalitarian state. The vodka and the fornication were the opiates of the people which helped them ignore the crappiness of life in the Evil Empire.

Manny said...

I bet Helen Thomas would have no problem getting a licence.

Glenn Beck? rejected on a technicality.