Tuesday, June 01, 2010

James Travers, PLO Useful Idiot, Professional Illusionist

James Travers, Professional Illusionist
Tool of his trade:  Language

Blah, blah, blah... presto!

In a nutshell (pun intended), James Travers is just a spin-doctoring idiot screwing around with illogic and irrationality, trying to manipulate his readers' minds to fit with his and the Far Left's prejudices.

Typical Prog talking head of the Big Media.

Obsessed with being Politically Correct no matter what.

Unable to see the world as it actually is and feeling an unhealthy, insane, stupid, unethical, immoral urge to rewrite reality into something else.

He's a magician, an illusionist, attempting to trick peoples' minds into seeing things as he wants them to see, even though they really aren't that way.

Typical Prog propagandist. Useful Idiot. Fellow Traveller. Hammered on the koolaid.

Sheeeesh! Fofecksake, eh!

Sorry, Jimmy the Magnificient-in-His-Own-Mind, but I'm not a two-year-old anymore.  You did NOT "got my nose".  That's your thumb, man, and it smells weird.

Of course, I'd have to say the same about those masters of illusion and deception, "Balbulican" and "StageLeft"...

Pure crap

They don't care what actually happened in the flotilla battle.  They don't care what the phony "peace activists" did to bring about the IDF retaliatory action.  They don't want to factor it in at all.  They prefer to reframe it wrongly in terms of "did they find any weapons of mass destruction"?  Leave it to Prog propagandists to irrelevantly reframe a specific event in a way that wouldn't be tolerated in a court of law.  Reframing is a classic "Progressive" tactic for cheating so that they can "win" an argument (a bit more sophisticated, I'll concede, than the usual, reflexive, grossly illogical "You're a raaaaaacist!").  This is what is going on here.  And it's disgusting, reprehensible, hateful, evil.  They shouldn't do that.  It's wrong.  And it proves that they have zero integrity.  And these guys hypocritcally demand that non-"Progressives" be perfect in order to be seen as having "integrity"?  Ah... but of course, they want us to have integrity, lay down our arms and allow them to slaughter us with rhetoric and propaganda.  Clever, but we will not submit.  Because we know their strategy.

The critical question is whether the IDF commandoes were correct to take the action they did. 

Were they correct to board a vessel that was deliberately violating a legal blockade?  Yes.  Were they correct in method of boarding (rappelling from a helicopter)?  Yes.  Were they correct to respond with lethal force after being immediately, swiftly, with vicious, Jew-hating fury, attacked by savages indubitably, evidently intent on murdering them?  Yes.

So the IDF commandoes acted properly and legally.  No question about it.

Also, the truth is that, in the beginning, the IDF commandoes weren't really "armed".  Unless being armed with paintball guns constitutes being "armed".  It was only after the paintball-gun-armed commandoes were being attacked by murder-intent savages that the IDF gave permission to use lethal force, and reinforcements with real firepower entered the battle.  But the StageLeft propagandists don't want to think about that, believing that nonlethal weapons constitute being "armed".

Besides, what the hell are "peaceful, humanitarian activists" doing attacking, with immediate, maximum-speed, murderous force, those who are legally boarding a ship illegally violating a legal blockade?

You know, if Canadian commandoes boarded that ship and were attacked like that and then responded with lethal force, do we think that the "International Community" and Big Media would be condemning Canada like they're condemning Israel?  Hell, no.  Same as for China, Iran, Russia, North Korea, etc., etc...  Point is that "Progressive" bigots don't want Israel to be allowed to exercise self-defence to survive.  And this stems from their hatred of Jews.  "Progressive" bigots so hate Jewry that they want to take away their only homeland and force them to scatter and assimilate or whatever.

Either the StageLeft guys are propagandists or just articulate guys with a mental disorder that renders them unable to see and interpret the real world in front of them in a way that matches it, as opposed to in a way that rewrites it according to a certain cerebral algorithm.

But their postings re the flotilla battle don't surprise me. They're so predictable. A person's prejudices naturally influence their perceptions and interpretations, after all. Or perhaps it's all "part of the job", whether paid or unpaid, whether self-employed or employed by another party.


Jen said...

Does Travers know that there are Palestinians who work in Israel-yep the 'eeeevil' Israel.

The far left and their media don't support our troops either they support those who attack our soldiers.

HAMAS, who Jack Layton supports, placed bombs in innocent areas where people and children normally attended or need to go" mosque, schools and hospitals, so that Israeli bombs will go directly to those areas and not a sound nor outraged was heard around the world for what the HAMAS purposely did.

People in the world like Travers, NDP BLOC AND SOME LIBERALS AND SOME MEDIAS do keep terrorism alive which the terrorists know that.

Rose said...

This video makes it clear, without a shadow of a doubt the activist had planned to partake of violence in the pursuit of the Jihad. To bad the Israeli Army didn't speed up their trip to hell I mean grape heaven.

Video: http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/06/01/confession-flotilla-nazis-planned-to-attack-israel-die-as-martyrs/

Of course Slime Stream Media won't show this video, useful idiots are working with the Islamists' hand in hand.

Mack said...

I wonder what f(lam)ing genius sent a boarding party into action armed with paintballs. That callous jerk should be busted to private and sent on the next mission himself -- with a paintball gun.

Canadian Sentinel said...

I'm surprised the StageLeft propaganda jihadists haven't been on to try to rebut the second part of the post giving them what's what for their apparent uncaringness for the observed evidence and bashing of Israel just because she's Israel and because they must be all me-too along with the rest of the anti-Semites... Guess they now realize that there's no messing with my head after all, that I'm too hard a target... I do, therefore, believe I shall declare victory. Now I do the Dance of Triumphant Victory Over the Poopheaded Clowns! :)