Friday, August 14, 2009

Teen Leaves Islam, Runs Away, Says Dad Will Kill Her

It's true.


In fact, those who've been watching the Muslim "honor killings" news lately know that it's a very real thing in the Free World and apparently becoming worse, as more and more Muslims come to live here, bringing their own ideology with them and ignoring human rights and laws of Free World countries.

It's not "hateful" nor "Islamophobic" to point this out. It's the truth. And if we don't speak out against Islamic intolerance and violence against women, then we'll be condoning the murders.

We must make it clear to Muslims that their violent intolerance will NOT be tolerated. And that if they want to be hateful and violently intolerant, then the Free World is not the place for them.

Now back to the alarming story immediately at hand.

This girl ran away because her radical Islamic fundamentalist family wants to murder her...

Endangered Runaway
WEIGHT:90 lbs.
HAIR:Black, Long, Straight
EYES:Brown, Blind in right eye crystal blue in color
Last seen on 07-19-09 in Westerville, Ohio.

Seventeen year-old Rifqa’s interview is heartbreaking. She knows that if a Muslim leaves Islam, converts to another religion, is an “apostate,” that they are supposed to be killed by any other Muslim; this includes members of her own family.

If someone from a Jewish or Christian fundamentalist home converts out, they may be ostracized, they may be treated as if they had died, but they are not physically killed.


Rifqa Bary is trying to make us understand something that we still fail to comprehend, do not want to believe is true. On camera, Rifqa keeps saying: “You guys don’t understand, my life is at stake, this is reality, this is the truth, they have to kill me if they love God more than they love me.” You can see her interview here. (Note: Be sure to have Javascript on to view the video- CS)

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Yes. Watch the video. And see if you still don't believe me, if you still couldn't care less. She's crying. She doesn't want to die.

"Progressives" take note.

Do you care? Do you have compassion for the less fortunate, for the downtrodden, the oppressed, the threatened, as you assert so vehemently? Or do you submit to the supremacy of hateful, intolerant, murderous Muslims whom you don't dare view critically?

Do "progressives" not care that this girl faces a death sentence for exercising her human rights?

Do you not care, perhaps because she's not, for example, a homosexual? I suppose if she was an atheist lesbian communist, you'd be up in arms, rioting like Obama's Purpleshirted stormtroopers, demanding she be protected and her intolerant, hateful, violent family arrested! Oh, yes, you'd care about a gay person who faced intolerance and murder, wouldn't you? Too bad Rifqa doesn't fit this exalted, specially-protected demographic...

And that goes double for the submissive-to-Islam, "progressive" Big Media!

The horrific, terrifying silence of the "progressive" movement speaks volumes as to the true nature of "progressivism" and of its brainless, clueless, uncaring adherents who are more interested in their own interests and could care less for those whom the "progressive" movement leaves to fend for themselves.

"Progressives" are so selfish, so self-interested. They're no better than the German People who, out of self-interest, went along with Hitler's "Final Solution" and aided and abetted in the robbing and slaughtering of millions of Jews. Interestingly, one of those who collaborated with the Nazis out of self-interest is none other than the de-facto supreme commander of the "Progressive" movement, George Soros!

Nope, skeptical, shocked, hypersensitive "progressives" and "liberals", I am not making this up. Come on; you owe it to yourself to become aware and enlightened. The internet is your friend. Or you can choose to be ignorant and de-facto hateful.

I just care about the life of this girl who only wants to be allowed to safely exercise her human rights just like you and me, without being subject to murder at the hands of intolerant haters. Don't you?

Don't you care, "progressive", "politically correct" "liberals"? Or do you only care about your own self-interest, preferring not to "rock the boat", even if you could save innocent lives? Too afraid of getting in trouble for going against hard-left-wing political correctness fascism?

I guess most "progressives" won't bother to venture outside their comfy ideological/perceptual/intellectual box given to them by the "progressive" movement and constantly reinforced by the propaganda of the "progressive" Big Media. They will close their eyes, cover their ears and pretend that nothing exists beyond its confines. They will probably never "think outside the box". Pitiful wretches, uncaring about anyone other than themselves and those the "progressive" political correctness fascism ideology orders them that they must. They just can't be bothered, preferring to be themselves, to go their own way, to not be imposed upon, even if this terrible attitude makes them hatefully ignorant...

Then again, what do I know? I'm just a nutty "right-wing extremist", a "birther", a "mobster", an "Astroturfer", just someone sent by the Republican Attack Machine and all that crap the Obama Regime claims conscientious dissidents like me are...

Oh, of course, duh! The girl is a Christian. No wonder "progressives" will prefer to just turn their backs and let her die. The "progressives", after all, hate non-"progressive", non-leftist, non-politically-correct, non-submissive Christians and submit to supremacist radical Muslims, after all.... right?

Yeah, yeah, yeah... I know. I'm an "Islamophobe". I'm "spreading hatred and contempt" against Muslims. I'm "hateful". I'm nothing but a horrible "right-wing extremist" who ought to be arrested by the Obama-Napolitano DHS Schutzstaffel and boxcar'd into one of Obama's planned internment camps...

Seriously, this is one example of why I and millions of others who love our freedom, democracy, rule of law and human rights... want to stop Islamization from happening.