Saturday, August 15, 2009

Suddenly They Care About Canadians Abroad

All of a sudden.

Where were they for William Sampson, who was imprisoned and tortured for a long time in Islamic Saudi Arabia based on 100% phony charges just because he was a filthy "Kufr" (non-Muslim) and a convenient scapegoat? They couldn't give any less of a damn.

Where are they now for Mohammed Kohail? He's a Canadian facing beheading in Islamic Saudi Arabia, for feck's sake!

I don't believe they care. Not at all.

They only want to bash the Harper Conservatives all of a sudden and try to make a racial issue out of what they bloody well know to be an all-too-common reality, regardless of race and regardless of religion. Oh, yes, plenty of LEFTISTS are already going around calling the government "racist", ignoring the fact that the same crap would've happened under a LIBERAL government, because that's simply the way things work. And don't forget that they Liberals had thirteen years to do something about it, and preferred instead to obsess over and impose, undemocratically, unconstitutionally, gay "marriage", without consulting the Canadian People, the majority of whom were opposed, on whether they wanted to transform the very foundation of their nation at all.

I call bullshit.

None of these LEFTISTS can possibly say any of this crap about the Harper Conservatives with any shred of credibility on their part.

Why NOW? Perhaps because it wouldn't have involved going to war against Saudi Arabia?

Now, because it was easy, really, really easy, and Suaad Hagi Mohamud is coming home in a hurry anyway; really easy to make a big deal in this case.

Oh, and I see the Muslim Canadian Congress wants someone's head (not literally, thankfully), for what happened in Mohamud's instance. Interesting, as they don't seem to give a bloody shit about Mohammed Kohail facing beheading in an Islamic nation. So screw the MCC, too, who's protecting their hatefully evil Saudi comrades. Where were they for William Sampson, by the way, eh? Of course, Mr. Sampson isn't a Muslim, so what do the Muslims care?

Don't be fooled about this whole issue, and don't be fooled by the Toronto (Red Star), either.

They really DON'T care.

They only care when it's easy to care.

When the Communists and the Islamofascists are holding and abusing Canadians abroad, the Left suddenly becomes submissive and docile.

And just listen to the asshole Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader, claiming that the "Tories are always letting people down". Well, Michael, while you were AWOL from Canada, your precious, exalted Liberal Party, the government at the time, didn't lift much more than a finger for William Sampson. And here you are, pointing the finger of 100% blame at the Tories? Either you don't know what's been going on in Canada for over three decades, or you're just being an asshole again.

Say, where was Michael Ignatieff for William Sampson?

Interesting how some cases like this are a big deal for the Left and the Big Media, and how they demand action, but in others, they don't want to offend the Saudis or the Chinese Communist Party or whoever else they consider their ideological comrades...

So in the future, what are we going to do when the Muslims abroad are torturing innocent Canadians and planning to chop their heads off? What about when the Chinese Communist Party falsely accuses Canadians of being "terrorists" and "separatists" and throws them into prison and tortures them? Again, I say the whole kerfluffle is nothing but posturing, to end soon, and when the Muslims and Communists abuse Canadians abroad, they won't make nearly as much of stink.

So stop pointing fingers, you Leftists and Big Media, so much at whomever you don't like in the first place and whom you want to unfairly blame to make them look bad, and look into the mirror.

Just a quickie rant...