Sunday, August 09, 2009

Obama's 'Internment Camps': For Real, But For What?

Obviously, the Obama Regime has already moved forward with its unreported-in-the-Big-Media plans to create nationwide "civilian resettlement facilities" or whatever else they call them (why not "concentration camps"?).

I'd also like to know what on earth does the Regime mean when it uses the term "rehabilitative program". This could mean anything. But, hey, to suggest that anything sinister could possibly be in the offing would make us, in the words of Regime propagandists, "fringe elements" "crackpots", "birthers", "mobsters", etc., right?

What is that stuff really about?

We don't know.

They didn't tell us.

But, oh, don't worry. Hey, the "Progressives" are in power now, so this means that they only have good intentions, so why worry, why bother to ask questions about what these mysterious "civilian resettlement facilities" are for, right? Well, the German People didn't ask of the National Socialists what the "civilian resettlement facilities" were for, in the previous century. And we know the story on that.

No need to worry. Trust Obama. He's a nice guy with everyone's best interests at heart.

Right? I mean, we couldn't possibly be wrong in our comfortable assumptions, could we?