Saturday, August 01, 2009

Obama's Hidden Agenda To Promote Depravity, Perversion

...with tax dollars and deficit financing.

He never said he'd do crap like this!

Reminds me of the time the Liberals in Canada funded a porno movie called "Bubbles Galore"...

Bubbles Galore was a naughty Canadian movie made by Toronto filmmaker Cynthia Roberts with the help of $100,000 in public money. It was released in 1999 to howls of derision and moral outrage from Reform MPs while the ruling Liberals feigned embarrassment and sternly promised to do something to make sure it didn't happen again.

No wonder the Liberals in Canada are so enamored with the depraved, perversion-pushing Obama Regime.

I told y'all that Obama has a hidden agenda. Of course, the Left didn't believe me, and claimed that his entire agenda was on his campaign manifesto document. Well, Obama's manifesto mentioned nothing about spending borrowed money on titillating-only-to-fringe-element-freakazoids filth claiming to be "art"!

Why the hell can't fetishist perverts pay for their own jollies, for getting their own rocks off? Hey, how come ordinary folks who don't want it and who find if worthy of nothing but making them vomit, have to pay for it?

Photo of Obama with a DEPRAVED PERVERT supporter: See, Obama's into everything! You can see the sickness of Obama's buddy for yourself (if you can stomach it... it's disgusting, offensive, unworthy of respect, and, most importantly, not safe for work).

Talk about a DEPRAVED, BRAINLESS, FAR LEFT AGENDA. These Obammunists are making Americans pay for the depraved perversions of a tiny, radical, extremist fringe, mostly concentrated in Sodom Francisco. How the hell does it cost money for exhibitionists to go around showing off their genitals in public? Do we really need to have our money confiscated by those national socialists for the purpose of financially rewarding such brain-disordered ugliness?

On the taxpayers' dime. Sheesh.

Oh, of course, they'll argue that, somehow, it's "stimulating"...

Bizarre freaks: Just say NO to Obama giving them your money!

He uses other peoples' money to bribe people he doesn't really like at all to vote for him so he can implement the rest of George Soros's hidden agenda.