Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama TownHall On Health Was Staged

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Cute little girl time! The optics couldn't be any more starkly different from the devastating-for-Obama-and-his-lapdog-Dems-and-RINOs optics of millions of older Americans fearful of being put to sleep by the state just to save money, and of terrified parents with children in wheelchairs demanding proof that their beloved will not be left behind to suffer whilst the lucky chosen are taken care of. This is obviously a show...

Above: A beautiful little girl asks a convenient, pre-written, remarkably articulate question, allowing Obama to bash millions of concerned, frightened Americans for daring to dissent.

Below: The same little girl's mommy's FaceBook page

What did you expect the Obama Regime to do, allow ordinary, non-partisan Americans to ask him real questions, as opposed to giving him a pre-written opportunity to spew defamatory propaganda against them? Yeah, right, suuure. Obama's handlers already saw what happens when ordinary Americans are allowed to ask real, legitimate questions of their very own at townhalls, so...

Obama must be as proud of the little girl as is her mommy.


Obama TownHall A "Cartoon"

Grassroots conservatives warn that President Obama's town hall meeting on healthcare Tuesday will be a "glorified infomercial," carefully orchestrated to manipulate public opinion and present the president as the voice of moderation.

"They're very smart in picking their battles," Everett Wilkinson, a leader of the national Tea Party Patriots organization, tells Newsmax. "It does look like they're bringing in some serious union people, busing them in, so it's going to be a controlled environment, like the ones they did in Tampa and St. Louis."

Wilkinson says a combination of union members, Secret Service agents, and left-wing operatives will all be employed by the administration in an effort to manage every aspect of the meeting.

Of course, that's how they do it. That's how they fooled Americans into voting for Obama in the first place!

Will Americans be fooled in the future?