Sunday, August 09, 2009

Leftist Brownshirts Attack 'Teabaggers'

Michelle Malkin has a good post up.

Nice. Those who want to push Obama's exclusive, discriminatory, population-thinning "healthcare" agenda are using homoerotic namecalling with gross profuseness.

And they lie big time.

They're violent racist thugs who will do whatever they've been told (and maybe more, who knows?) to intimidate and silence the American People who are justifiably terrified about the scary agenda of the Obama Regime.

Do you want a "healthcare" system that rejects the elderly, the disabled, the supposedly "unproductive", and would simply let them suffer to death or give them lethal injections, just to save money? I certainly don't want such a thing, for, if I was an American living in America, I'd fear for my own life, actually. Imagine that... bureaucrats, heartless, cold, inhumane state apparatchiks deciding that just because I can't hear, I therefore don't qualify for lifesaving treatment that would be "too expensive to justify", considering their dogmas and subjective prejudices about my ability to contribute to society. Now, isn't that hateful?

You know, it sounds more like a population-control agenda to me. There are obviously folks, some of whom have been appointed by Obama to powerful positions in the Regime, who believe that a society should be more efficient and productive, and that anything and anyone who poses a burden, a drain on the society's resources, needn't be supported by said society at all, due to a cruel, inhuman cost-to-benefit analysis that would be utilized by state apparatchiks to determine who is and who isn't eligible for healthcare in America.

Let there be no doubt: The Obama "healthcare" agenda would not provide healthcare to everyone. Absolutely not. It would discriminate. You must go over the heads of the state-controlled newsmedia and investigate the whole thing for yourself with an open mind and properly functioning brain. It's your choice to be ignorant or enlightened.