Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Gays and the Mormons

So it's said that Mormons have taken a hit to their public image because they don't believe in homosexual "marriage". (Don't forget to read the report at the link to get proper, fair perspective).

Oh, well, I'd say that gay folks have also taken a hit to their own, due to their unhinged, hateful and even violent reaction to the democratic will of the California People who voted 'yes' on Proposition 8.

By the way, why don't the gays bash the Muslims, too, for voting yes on 8?

Why single out Christians, Jews, Mormons, Blacks? Why leave the gay-hating Muslims alone? What's the matter, y'all chicken? Cluck-cluck. The Muslims don't like the gays; the gays know it, but the gays say nothing. What the feck is up with that?

One can only conclude: The gays are terrified of the Muslims, who are vehemently against homosexuality and homosexual "marriage".

That's the truth of the matter. No denying it, unless one wants to look as crappy as Nancy Pelosi.

I fully dare the gays to publicly campaign against those awfully hateful, intolerant Muslims. I dare them.

Otherwise, the gays should shut the hell up about everyone else who doesn't believe in gay "marriage". The way the gays are carrying on, makes them look like a bunch of fecking assholes. And they're doing it to themselves willingly.

Just telling it like it is, like everyone knows it is. What, didn't you know that most Muslims hate gay folks?

You know, I'm not falling for the gays' lies, nor for the Big Media's lies on their behalf. What am I, stupid? Oh, no. They believe we're stupid, but the majority of us (ie. people who aren't brainlessly onside with everything left-wing) aren't, and can see what's happening and don't need the talking heads telling us what to think.

And, no, I don't "hate" gay folks, so don't y'all fecking dare defame me that I do. I'm just telling y'all what's going on out there.

Besides, hey, Obama is opposed to gay "marriage". Surely y'all knew that? So how come the gays don't bash Obama, even though he's obviously lying when he tells them, "I'm working on the thing, so be patient, guys". Obama could've imposed the whole thing if he wanted on Day One, but didn't, so why aren't the gays hatefully mad at him? Why aren't they using racial epithets against Obama, like some of them did against Blacks after Proposition 8 passed?

Fascinating, the political activism of these players. It bears closer investigation. Who controls the gay movement and its propaganda? Who decides the message to carry to the Big Media? Who in the gay movement decides to let the Muslims and Obama off the hook for hating the gays? Who's responsible for encouraging the online death threats made by gays and the (covered-up-by-the-Big-Media) violence committed by some of them against random, suspected Prop 8 voters?

I'm not talking about ordinary gay folks. Just about the horribly hateful, dangerous assholes who claim to represent them. Ordinary gay folks really ought to stay away from those ultra- extremist gays who make all gays look bad.

Extreme language? Me? What about the gay propagandists, who get away with much, much, much worse language, all the time? And don't forget about the horrific language the Islamic supremacists get away with spewing, not that the Big Media is as willing to expose them as is the blogosphere, with their damning videos and such. Don't point the finger at me, for to do so wouldn't be fair, would it?

Just watch out for your own double standards, Leftist readers, and watch what you say. I don't listen to those who practice double standards, who are ignorant, who don't use their brains just because they prefer to live that way. And if you're a hypersensitive person, too bad. Just don't be wilfully ignorant and unfair, ok?