Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Reader Tips and Funny Stuff

I just had a real cool idea: why not do a 'reader tips' post for folks to give us all the heads-up on stuff they find while surfing, plus a funny picture or two?

Why not, indeed? Yep, I will. After all, part of the beauty of being the supreme overlord of a blog is being able to post whatever one wants, so here goes!

We can talk about the pictures, too! Why not have a little fun once in a while?

Above: Miss Piggy and anti-American moonbat "Dixie (Ditzy) Chick" Natalie Maines: separated at birth? Gotta admit they're both cute, though... but Miss Piggy is nicer, even considering she tends to clobber the hapless little Kermit and pretty much anybody who annoys her...

Above: no description needed. We know who that is, and what the dollar sign and the cross really signify.

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Senator Hillary Clinton caught on security camera in mens' room going peepee... like a man. Questions abound as to whether Hillary is really a woman. Enraged, red-faced hubby Bill, shown below, in denial, says "That woman is not a man... Hillary". Jon Stewart to discuss this developing story with Ann Coulter and Rush Limbaugh on FAUX News at 9 PM ET.

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You know how it's said that people often resemble their pets? Well, I wonder if that's Nancy Pelosi and her kitty? Plus, I wonder what happened to the idiot who decided the buttons on Nancy's sleeve would look good so clownishly large...