Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Liberal Activist: My Party is Corrupt, Women Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote

Well, duh!

In his postings, which are no longer online, Burghardt slammed the Liberal Party as greedy and corrupt, the Kyoto climate change accord as stupid, same-sex marriage as wrong and missile defence as good.

On May 18, 2005, Burghardt wrote that Belinda Stronach's defection from the Conservatives to the Liberals "demonstrates one more reason why women shouldn't be allowed to run for office, much less vote."

Well, well, well... what did I say? The Liberals are throwing stones in glass houses!

Corrupt, stupid, wrong... and sexist. Yes, sexist. A Liberal declaring that women shouldn't be allowed to run for office or even vote.

This is shocking, appalling!

This is the smoking gun, not only of the Liberal Party of Canada's corruption, but of its attitude towards women! Therefore, women shouldn't vote for the Liberal Party! The Liberal Party wants to control women, obviously, and take away their rights!

Hypocrites! They dared to suggest that we Conservatives were like that, which we clearly aren't!

Shame on the Liberals!

They brought this upon themselves, and I'm only too pleased to use it against them!

Thanks to the Toronto Sun. Thanks to blogging. The Liberals will be finished off! For the good of Canada!