Friday, November 10, 2006

Lib Senators Trying To Kill Accountability Act

Story here.

The unelected, unaccountable, Liberal-dominated Senate is trying to kill the Conservative government's Federal Accountability Act, with watering-down amendments (100 of them), which they know are unacceptable to MPs in the House of Commons, thus setting the stage for endless political games, preventing ultimate passage.

The Liberals, no secret, hate the very concept of accountability and ethics. They, after all, counted on being as unaccountable as possible and as unethical as possible when last in power. They, therefore, hate the FAA, as it would entail that, if, God forbid, they ever won power again (barf), they would be unable to get away with their trademark crooked and corrupt nonsense, plus would be incapable of raising money like they were previously able- via large single donations from wealthy individuals and groups.

The unelected, unaccountable, Liberal-dominated Senate is deliberately killing the FAA. No doubt about it.

They are denying Canadians' right to have their elected representatives make legislation on their behalf, which they voted for.

The Senate is acting as if it is the Supreme Soviet, deeming that which shall be, no matter what. To hell with the democratic will of the people.

Funny how the Liberal-dominated Senate always immediately passed whatever the Liberal-dominated House of Commons passed, isn't it? The Liberal-dominated Senate obediently rubber-stamped even the most controversial, bizarre, self-serving legislation, just like that. No stupid political games then.

No wonder the Liebrano$$$ fear ethics and accountability. These values are completely anathema to Liberals, after all. Liberals are completely crooked and corrupt. They care about none other than themselves. Greedy, lying, dictatorial, leftwing extremists!

At least the American Senators are elected and accountable. Think about that. Why aren't ours? Because that's how the Liebrano$$$ like it? An undemocratic, unaccountable, corrupt, self-interested Senate is a "Canadian value", apparently. According to the Liebrano$$$, anyway.

The FAA may well be considered dead, thanks to the Liebrano criminal organization! Bloody crooks!

The Liebrano$$$ will not get away with this... and neither will the Senate. The Senate, in fact, is very effectively making the case for its own reformation, for elections and accountability.