Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moonbat Spotlight: Andre Boisclair

Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair: stupid moonbat asshat
Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch
QUEBEC — Parti Quebecois Leader Andre Boisclair is being criticized for appearing in a TV parody of "Brokeback Mountain" that features caricatures of a partially naked Stephen Harper and George W. Bush.
The prime minister and the U.S. president are seen naked from the waist up in a tent.
Bush at one point throws cherries at Harper's nipples that are covered with whipped cream.
After the cherries land on the nipples, Boisclair is seen opening the tent flap and saying that Quebec isn't getting involved in that.
But I bet Andre himself would like to get involved in that.
Oh, yeah... real classy. Real tasteful. Real distinguished. Really proves this flamboyant happy-boy is totally qualified to lead Quebec. Oh, yep.
Good choice for a leader, Parti Quebecois poopheads!
Methinks the MSM should be crapping all over this guy. If he was an English Canadian Conservative leader and was involved in, say, a skit of two female politicians with whipped cream on their boobies and throwing cherries at each other, he'd be forced to resign in disgrace, having made his party a laughingstock.
But as he's a "special minority" type of person, they'll likely let the whole thing blow over (no pun intended) and Happy Andre will be the next Premier of Quebec and hold a third separation referendum, which, naturally, will end up disappointing him and his separatist brethren. And I bet he'll get drunk, go to the microphone and blame the result on "money and the hetero vote"...
Put this in perspective: isn't it far worse in terms of political optics than rollerblading and wearing a wetsuit? Of course it is... but we've had a leader forced from his position who was known for rollerblading and wearing a wetsuit. Shouldn't this guy Andre have to suffer similarly for behaving like a much bigger infantile poophead while leading a political party?
Wonder what'd have happened if, instead of Bush and Harper, he had used, say, Mohammed and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Nah... he's too bloody Dhimmi to do that. Like most moonbats!