Thursday, July 29, 2010

Will The REAL Michael Ignatieff Please Stand Up?

Which one is the REAL Michael Ignatieff?

Which one looks more genuine, authentic, more natural?  Who's real and who's fake?

This Michael Ignatieff guy's been riding around the country in a big fancy bus for a while now, dressed in jeans and ugly shirts and ballcaps and such.  Hell, we've even seen his gitchy waistband, with ugly shirt tucked thereunto, whilst the Iggiot bent over and browsed for cheese.

WTF? What's he trying to pull? Does he REALLY expect us to believe that, all of a sudden, he's a different man, not some kind of Count or Czar or Ivory-tower egghead, but rather just some regular slob at Timmy's?

Yeah, right. Suuuuuure. Yup. You betcha. Tell me about it. O ya o ya o ya...

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