Sunday, July 04, 2010

Keeping The Pressure On The Arrogant, Bullyish Censors Of Free Speech

Oh, yes, oh, yes...  I continue.  With relish.  With passionate, zealous impunity.  Telling it like it is about the tyrants!

 Allan Rock.  Fire.  Him.  Too!
And haul him before the Human Rights Commission, too!
Tit for tat.
These Leftists, they just bring it upon themselves.
They'll get their just desserts, a taste of their own fascist medicine, soon enough.

Story here.

University of Ottawa President Allan Rock(-solid head) told the Provost, F. A. Houle, to send a threatening, hateful letter to Ann Coulter.

Just reporting what I'm finding.  I did not make this up.  Oh, yes.  Hard Leftists.  In Canada.  Threatening Americans.  From Canada.  Uh-oh, Canada!  This isn't the Canada we chose!
It turns out the real censor at the U of O was not Houle, though, but rather his boss Allan Rock, the former Liberal justice minister who now serves as the university's president. According to access-to-information documents obtained by the Canadian Press, Rock -- who presided over the introduction of the gun registry -- wrote to Houle the day before Houle wrote to Coulter instructing his vice-president to inform her of the potential consequences should she go ahead with her speech.

He added, gratuitously, that "Coulter is a mean-spirited, small-minded, foul-mouthed poltroon." (Who still uses the word poltroon?) "She is an ill-informed and deeply offensive shill for a profoundly shallow and ignorant view of the world. She is a malignancy on the body politic. She is a disgrace to the broadcasting industry and a leading example of the dramatic decline in the quality of public discourse in recent times."

Funny, there are lots of gun owners and divorced dads who hold much the same opinion about Rock. (In addition to imposing intrusive controls on law-abiding gun owners, Rock also changed the country's divorce laws so fathers paying child support have to pay the income taxes owing on those payments, too, rather than having them paid by their ex-wives, who are the recipients of the financial benefit.)

How about getting the Rock(-solid-headed) Prog and Provost F. A. Houle canned from the University for misconduct bringing extreme disrepute and notoriety to the University?  Hands!  SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!

And I hope that Ann and Ezra file a human rights complaint against the mean-spirited nasty-old-fart Librano Rockhead, too, as well as the one already filed against the F. A. Houle, who, apparently, was just following the Rockhead's orders, albeit with pleasure.

Oh, and, re. Mr. Troll (you know who you are, you nasty-ass, terminally-bigoted-and-blinded-as-to-reality Israel-hater):  I don't even read the crap you post into moderation.  Why bother?  Life's too short.  I'd rather have my butt crack hairs pulled out with pliers.


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