Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Grit won't quit over racist cops remark

Jennifer Pollock, Liberal Party spear carrier in Calgary
 Physically aggressive left-wing extremist


"..physical standoff during a meeting, when trustee Jennifer Pollock stood in front of trustee Danielle Smith, trying to block her from leaving a room". Calgary Herald - Friday, August 20th 1999

Grit won't quit over racist cops remark

If it's ok for this poophead to go around claiming, without evidence, other than HEARSAY, offered (a la the Obamacrats and their brownshirt minions down south), that the Calgary Police Force is full of "racists", then it's ok to say that the LIBERAL PARTY has racists within it and is in need of an overhaul. So there!

Typical Prog. Going around alleging groups of "having racists within". Without offering evidence. This is the latest smear tactic of Progs. The Obamacrats hypocritically do it with the Tea Party. Now the Liberals are doing it, too.

Let's do it right back at them. It's ...war, after all, and if we don't fight back, they'll win by cheating. They leave us no choice.

Besides, it's not as if there's no evidence of bigotry and intolerance within the Liberal Party. It's just not being reported by the Old Media, who looks the other way, condoning the hate permeating the Liberal Party, just as they ignore/excuse the hate so apparently threading throughout the Democratic Party, historically and contemporarily the party of intolerance.

This isn't the first time this THUG has been in trouble.


Anonymous said...

The Scrutable Faces of Liberal Ziffy:

1. “Just Visiting” “The Canadians”.

2. “‘Racist’ police tweet”.


“Just an ordinary Canadian

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff tried to counter perceptions that he’s elitist and unapproachable by shaking hands and drinking coffee with senior citizens and hospital patients in Guelph on Monday.”

“‘Racist’ police tweet won’t cost candidacy

Federal Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff will not ask Calgary West Grit candidate Jennifer Pollock to step down after suggesting on a social-networking website that Calgary police are racist.”




Jen said...

Anyone can rob this girl blind knowing that she would not call on the police to help her out. One citizen less to be ignored by the police-(which I doubt they will do).