Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stinky Whiffy Begs For Money

Ignatieff asks supporters for help

"...sounding like a preacher selling the old-time religion of liberalism..."

"I need your help. I need your money." (Hoo-boy... what's next, a Benny Hinn-esque illusion trick?)

Bleah. Stinky Whiffy. Pee-yoooo! Somebody light a match and burn off the methano-sulfurous aroma emanating from this guy's hellmouth of a piehole!

Hmm... kinda like lighting farts, but in an actually useful way, ie. burning off useless gases we don't want around and don't find the least bit amusing!

 Stinky Whiffy sez:

Since I can't just take it away from you (like I wanna, which is why I wanna be PM), I'll hold my breath until you hand over your money!!!

(Or perhaps he's holding his breath 'cos he can't bear his own malodorous aura...)

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