Monday, July 05, 2010

Analyst: Obama has U.S. economy in 'death spiral'

Analyst: Obama has U.S. economy in 'death spiral'

New nickname: Barack the America Slayer

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Jen said...

"Analyst: Obama has U.S. economy in 'death spiral'"

No Kidding! Not according to OBAMA'S canadian medias(CBC CTV...) they think the world of this man, he is their god.

I guess CS that 56Billion is nothing compared to OBAMA's price tag. So why are they after the prime minister for, then.

BTW, Layton has a business outside of his present job as mp, A CAPILIST-LAYTON? A GREEN BUSINESS TOO BOOT. No wonder he is pushing for the 'GREEN JOBS' to help his business, yet they were all over Rahim for doing the very same thing. I guess the committee torture chamber is closed now, now that half of the mps have businesses of their own.
This news was on NNW yesterday or day befoe.