Monday, July 12, 2010

Democrat's Documentary: Evidence Shows Obama Stole Election


 "Don't y'all feckin' DARE watch this documentary!"

"You watched it, didn't y'all?  Feck..."


Jen said...

Hilary Clinton could have won you never know and now this is in open Hilary will wonder why it was not been investigated or brought to one's attention earlier on.

This is just the beginning; there is more and nothing will surprise me that the media is involved somehow.

Canadian Sentinel said...

Oh, yeppers- expect the Hildebeest to do something with this... She's a Clinton, after all...

∞ ≠ ø said...

Gigi can't believe this comes from "her" party and goes on to ask what it is that they are building right now.
She knows.
The Democrats who are still conservative enough to cherish freedom over the ability to inflect their opinions and ideologies upon the masses (very few and far between)know. Twist their arm a little more and out it will pop. They're building a fascist regime. She just can't bring herself to say it. Not enough balls and not enough duress yet. But they know. They all stand around looking toward each other to see who will spill it first. It has been a mass conspiracy. They're all guilty as hell for letting it go on. No lefty gets out of this clean. Why does she ask the question... it is rhetorical. They KNOW it is fascism. And it scares them to think how close they are to it; that they helped; that they just might be fascist too.
Remember this: