Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The truth about Omar Khadr - Ezra Levant

The truth about Omar Khadr - Ezra Levant

Ezra also questions about the Old Media's selective, manipulative coverage, about the Legal Hard Left's curious, inconvenient-question-raising, selective "caring" about various imprisoned folks worldwide and asks why it wasn't treated by the Old Media and the Legal Left as a big deal until after the Liberals were dethroned by the Conservatives.

Food for thought. Lazy-minded Prog Lefties can, if they prefer instead of using their brains, just have another beer and take another toke of their "goodshit" crap and continue to believe whatever the Old Media and their Prog peers noise-off at them.

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Jen said...

There are immigrants living here who know the 'types' like Omar Khadr, who they don't want see back in Canada.

OMAR KHADR was is the Liberals problem they left Omar in the States since he was fifteen years old for killing a an american medic in Afghanistan and all those years in Gitmo prison, the liberals never bothered to raise the issue of him nor did the media-not until they went into Opposition did they rail for his return even the media chanted along side them.

This has nothing to do with Omar, he is used as another piece of topic to embarass this present government.

In other words, Stephen Harper then living in Calgary while Jean Chretien was in government in 2001 at the time of the the Khadr's arrest is now being accused by the very same liberals and their media for not doing anything about Omar Khadr.
The same thing with the Taliban detainees, it was the liberals problem then to deal with but chose not to not until the conservatives came into power are the liberals showing amour for the detainees.

We cannot allow for the liberals nor their coalition partners ever to run this country or else canada will fall.