Friday, July 30, 2010

Goofy Iggy Gets Down, Tries To Look Cool

...and fails.  (video at the link)

He's sooooooo playing the politician...

You know, if this guy was a Conservative leader, the Liberals would have their community-organizer comrades rustle up some hard-left terrorists to "protest" the Conservative, calling him/her all the usual cliche slurs we hear coming from the hard left, the Liberals and Old Media.

Iggy's getting a FREE RIDE!

We ought to have some Astroturf, rent-an-idiot "protestors" to smear the Iggiot as a "racist, sexist, anti-gay, Islamophobe... Liberal guy go away!"  or something like that, and make sure the CBC, CTV, TorStar, etc... cover it real good...  Tit for tat...  But, nah, the Canadian People have largely become too immune to that nonsense by now, and those dumb enough to fall for it wouldn't ever vote Conservative anyway...


Jen said...

Iggy's getting a FREE RIDE!


public as a whole and the conservative party and PM, don't have a MEDIA to our name for our country and troops and yet we are doing far better(you know what I mean) than the opposition parties and their 'FREE' media combined.

The Lord works in Mysterious Ways.

∞ ≠ ø said...

Woah! I almost hurled. Thank God I don't chew my food enough.

This new P.R. shtick is strictly amateur and transparent. It's fun when they experiment with themselves; not so much when they do it with national policy.

Liberals are the Mengeles of society. Their understanding of cause and effect is rooted in sophomoric binary constructs. These social simpletons' policies are about as hideous as was the sight of the Ignoramus Shuffle.

Jen said...

∞ ≠ ø said...

'Liberals are the Mengeles of society.'

You have to include their media because they are paving the road for Ignatieff as they did for BOB RAE even NDP and the Bloc road into socialism is being paved by the media.

What about our road- ah, we pave it ourselves which so far we have done a remarkable job with the help from the Conservative party.
PMSH and his party paved their road to a decent media in the USA.

Can you imagine, that the americans want our PM to be their president and we take theirs, who the canadian media and opposition parties would accept in a heart beat.