Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Toronto's Most Wanted Moonbats

Some of the Left-Wing Extremists sought by the Toronto Police.
Yup, all of 'em have a BOLO on their asses.

More about the hunt for the prog douchebaggers HERE.

Future douchebaggers be forewarned:  YOU may be NEXT to have your ugly mug posted all over the place for everyone to see, and they'll know you're a douchebagger!  PLUS the cops will be looking for you, neo-commie punk!

1 comment:

maryT said...

Imagine how proud mothers are to see their spawn on tv. These pics should be posted on every blog and FB page.
They will be caught. Loved it when it was announced that every detainee was photographed.
Guess there are some honest citizens in TO is they turned in most of the photos.
One was supposed to appear at a bail hearing today, any news on what happened, was he released, if so how much was bail.
Actually no judge should have granted bail as he would be a flight risk.
I wonder how many of these thugs are surprised that the population is not on their side. Will it stop them next time.